Thursday, September 8, 2011

Soup du Jour

"Excuse me...Flo???  snickering What's the Soup Du Jour?"  Flatly..."It's the soup of the day."  "MMMM, that sounds good...I'll have that."

Today is a soup day...cold, rainy, dreary...SOUPY!  I hit Panera for their chicken noodle.  In line, I remembered they changed their recipe but the sign boasted that a cup had only 90 calories.  Bonus! 

If you recall, the CxN was really very delicious before - hearty, ethnic style noodles, with a rich and filling broth.

Panera - why on earth did you change it?

The new style of soup is like broth out of a can - aka clear with flecks of who knows what, the noodles are no where near the old style quality, the chicken is still real chicken (how novel), but it is just a big fat disappointment.  Little to no flavor.  At least I only wasted 90 calories on it.


Erika Jean said...

As soon as I saw that picture I knew it was Panera. I LOVE their chicken noodle soup in a bread bowl. When did they change it? Sadly we do not have Panera here ;-( waaaaa. I miss those cinnamon bagels too.

Anonymous said...

booo!!! this was my fave :(

Anonymous said...

Every time I get the soup there I get online and take a survey and tell them how much their new chicken noodle soup stinks. The people at Panera told me if enough people complain they will probably go back!