Sunday, September 11, 2011

People are Crazy

This story is about kids that are crazy.  I don't have kids, so often, I am awkward when kids act out since I don't feel I should discipline a kid that is not my family member, but also often, I feel that kids need to behave in public.  As kids, my parents made us mind.  ESPECIALLY in public. a friend's house the other night watching the ND/Michigan game (how crazy was that!?), there were a few kids.  They were running around, having a great time, being kids.

This little boy, about 5, ran by me and smacked me on the butt.  No big deal.  I saw him do it to someone else a few minutes later though.  Like it was his trademark.  He's a grabber....ok.  I don't know this kid's parents so I can't even joke with them about the 5 year old ass slap.  I am not sure they would understand my humor.  It's not like I could tell little Frank that it's inappropriate to touch people in spots where bathing suits cover.  Someone overhears that then I'M the creep.  Ugh.

Ok, sitting on the couch, minding my own business.  Little boy ass-slapper comes running up to me, Popsicle mouthed, crazy. 
Me, awkward at best, "Hey buddy, you like football?"
Kid:  "NO!" he shouts in my face and PUNCHES me in the boob.  For real.  Not the chest.  Right to the cup.

Now, his Dad was sitting right by me and saw the whole thing.  Let me have you guess what the Dad did.

If you guessed A)  Corrected his are wrong.  If you guessed B)  apologized to me...wrong again.  If you guessed C) did absolutely nothing...ding ding ding!  You are the winner.

I felt like I was on a episode of Modern Family or something.  I got felt up and then punched in the tit by a toddler on a Saturday night.   People are crazy.


Lauren Tracy said...

Don't even get me started! Sometimes, I think I am the first person to ever discipline a child in KINDERGARTEN! It is very upsetting to witness inappropriate behavior in children and do nothing about it. Feel free to discipline my children anytime you see them acting badly! :)

Sassytimes said...

LOL! We have friends with a kid JUST LIKE THIS!! Drives me nuts because I am usually the one disciplining him, right in front of them, and they STILL do nothing. The kid has punched me in the face, pushed me down stairs and several other awful things. The parents just brush it off and get this, they say, "Can't wait til he goes to K so his teachers can teach him how to act". Umm..WHAT?!?! That's YOUR job as a parent. I can't imagine being a K teacher...the things they must see are probably amazing (in an awful and stressful way).

kate • one more thing said...

Ok - first, I have to admit that this made me laugh... I'm still laughing. Only because I can't even imagine the look on your face after the boob punch.

Second - completely unacceptable. I wish there was some unwritten rule that you were able to discipline a child when called for, but clearly there isn't. I can't believe the dad did nothing. Wow.

Sorry - still laughing!

Ky • said...

This is what is wrong with the world.

Vivienne was slapped on the head on two separate occasions at a friend's birthday party by two-year-old rogue boys on Saturday.

Pissed me straight off. After the second one hit her, the Mom said, "I warned you."


Written Permission said...

OK, now I'm having sympathy boob pains, because: OW.

Our neighbor's six-year-old kid is exactly like this. I HATE when he comes over. He's always trying to hit our dogs, and his parents are like, "Oh, don't do that," but there are never any consequences. He was over here once by himself and went to hit the dog and I got in his face and said, "Absolutely not. We don't do that in this house. You can go home now." He got mad. :) OH WELL.

Trophy Life said...

ugh. one of my best friends and i often recount the story of her now-reformed Bad Nephew. he was, in front of his ever-allowing parents, hitting me in the face lightly with a baseball, with that shitty grin on his face. i said to him "you need to stop hitting my face, because these are Prada glasses and they cost a lot of money".