Thursday, September 15, 2011

One Month To Go

One month from today....DT and I are getting married!  I cannot belive it is only one month away now.  After 18 months (well 17 really as of today) of engagement, we are almost there.  The big question is....

Am I ready?

With all the wedding stuff -
1)  Timeline - Yes.  I have an eight page timeline that details our wedding extravaganza.  Don't worry, only a select few are getting this.  Omg. 
2)  Seating chart and escort cards - not yet.  We are still waiting for all the RSVP cards to come in.  I have to wait...patiently.....for those to come in to create the seating arrangements.
3)  Dress and accessories - I have a second fitting next Friday and then a final one is TBD.  I don't like the TBDs.  I want to check everything off the list immediately and put it in a sterilite clear tub and label it.  Alphabetically. 
4)  Menu, DJ, Photographer, Vendors, check!  All of those folks are on board and in order.
5)  Ceremony - all set.
6)  Marriage License - done!  Will post pic of that later (accomplished 9/12/11).

There are some small tasks that need to be done still but I have some time to do them (with deadlines) and I have helpers (thank you helpers!).  I am enjoying the wedding process and not letting it exasperate me.  It always makes me sad when brides say, "I just can't wait for this to be over."  Time management is key and I have said NO to a lot of things in the next month so I am not a maniac (more than my usual mania).


Now, am I ready?

With the important stuff -

Yes.  100% yes.  I am so ready and excited to get married then honeymoon with my love so we can spend more than one consecutive day together.  I am ready.  And happy.  Happier than ever.


Anonymous said...

yay! 1 month!!! can't wait :)

also --waiting for rsvp's is the worst, i remember. i did not realize until i was trying to put together my own seating chart for my own wedding how frustrating that is--now i always send it in as soon as it comes. Good luck with the final countdown!!!

Ky • said...

Oh my goodness! I am so excited!

PLEASE know that even though we did not officially receive what I would assume to have been an amazing wedding invitation, Unco C and I will still be there.



Iris Took said...

@Ky- no worries! I felt terrible that yours has not made it. I will email one to you. PLUS - you told me in WRITING that you were coming so that counts - PLUS you booked airfare. THAT counts :)

@MERP - you were so prompt :)

Sassytimes said...

Yay! to happiness!

Erika Jean said...

Osunds like you have everything in order to get hitched!!! Can't wait to see pictures of the day here on your blog!!

Trophy Life said...

YAY!! i am happy that you are happy.