Thursday, September 29, 2011


I got an iPad for my birthday from my wonderful, amazing, incredible fiancee!   The package was so beautiful - simple, clean, clutter free.

The anticiaption of opening it up was killing me since I didn't actually get my hands on the iPad on my birthday (we had dinner plans).  I finally opened it up yesterday.  One cord, no manual.  The problem is...I don't know how to start it.  Der!

I think I have to go online to figure it out.  I didn't feel old until just now.  Better call a 14 year old to teach me how to use this fancy screen do-hickey.

Thank you DT!  Love you.


Anonymous said...

Een, You have to sync it with your itunes to get things started. We'll have Lila show you how it works.

See you soon!!!


kate • one more thing said...

OMG - we just hung up the phone and had I known this I would have been so super excited to tell you I have one too and now we can completely nerd out on our dinner dates! Yay!!!!

And yes... Lily is amazing on it and sometimes it makes me feel inadequate.