Monday, September 19, 2011

International Talk like a Pirate Day

It's true.  Pirates even have their own day...and that day is today.  Allow me to switch to pirate speak.

Ye pirates and wenches grab yer goblets of grog!  Today be the day of all pirates and buccaneers to join in a fest of all things piratey!  Arrr!

A wonderful pirate site which includes pirate pickup lines (they're classy).

Favorite pirates:

Captain Jack first Pirate Love

Angelica Blackbeard - Penelope Cruz was an amazing Lady Pirate in the last Pirates Movie.

Mr. William Turner - Swordsmith turned Pirate.  Ever notice how much hotter he gets as the movies go on?  Ridiculous.

Michael Bolton:
What? Yes, Mr. Bolton is featured in this Turtleneck & Sweater video. I must tell you, we watched this video at the lake all summer long and it just became the anthem of 2011 summer. Watch it and I dare you not to laugh. Michael Bolton has an amazing voice, but what's even more amazing is that he can make this much fun of himself. Andy Samberg - I heart you.

Here is the video (I cannot post videos anymore and I am really, very annoyed by it):

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