Friday, September 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Sal!

Happy 30th Birthday Sal!!!

To my little sister:  you are the best sister and friend anyone could ever want.  Too bad not everyone has a Sal, because everyone should.   You are the kind of person that makes a new friend at the grocery store, meets celebrities at the bar and gets their phone numbers, has 1000 facebook friends that are actually your real friends, has a blast doing everything and anything and the kind of person that everyone wants to be around.

Sal, we have our own language.  Some people may think we are on the kooky/weird/eccentric side, but we know just what the other is talking about (Shane Oman, Put it in your purse!, Bee Bop, The Pig and Mrs. Pilzecker, etc...).  This list could go on and on, but I'll save it for when I see you tomorrow.

Remember that time as kids when you dressed me up as a horse with that Mexican-style blanket and fed me sugar cubes for treats?  Then you rode me around the living room and added a belt like reigns.  Anyone else would think that the older sister would do that to the little sister.  But no.  You made me your horse and I loved it.  It was fun.  That's how we operate.  Like a crazy little team fueled by sugar cubes.   

I love that people are shocked to hear that we are sisters.  I love that you always make people guess who is older.  I love that when they guess it's you, we crack up like lunatics.  Every.single.time.

Bob, you light up my life and I love you so much.  You deserve all the best on your birthday and in this year as you turn 30.  Thank you for always being there for me.  Happy Birthday to you my baby sister!

Love, een

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Anonymous said...

WEEENNNOOOO!!! i am dying right now!!! i just laughed the loudest i've ever laughed! i think it was more like a yell/een style blast! then i cried, a good cry :)

i love this post, i am printing it out. it means the world to me just like you do.

you are the best.