Monday, August 29, 2011

People are Crazy

Yes! I have not had an occurrence of PaC in a while and you know you can't just go searching for it. It has to find you.

Well, PaC came back with a bang. Kroger -lunchtime, produce section. I was minding my own business selecting some peaches and I hear some odd giggling and screeching.

"How 'bout I ask this lady? This lady with the peaches? She looks nice?"
"Daddy - NO!" More awkward giggling.

I didn't even want to look. Peach references make me think about Nic Cage and know the scene. The exchange between the man and girl was so weird and creepy. I looked up, hoping it would get better. No dice.

"It's her birthday and how 'bout you hold her down for some birthday whoopins?"

Oh dear lord of the peaches.

"Uh....uh...huh-how many would that be?"


Sweet organic pears! Twelve! She's almost a teenager! He was chasing her around like they were at the Homecoming dance and he was trying to steal a kiss. She was taller than me, pretty, with a cute outfit, long hair and was just grown up looking. Barf.

I promptly escorted myself to aisle 2 to get away from these people. While picking up peanut butter and jelly, I could still hear the birthday victim calling, "No, haha, Daddy, no!"

I felt like I was in CSI Kroger. I felt icky all day.

Sick, sick, sicko.


Amber said...

Love Face/Off! And, disturbingly, that scene.

Anyway, really crazy story. Ick.

Written Permission said...

GROSS. That story would still have been weird and crazy if the girl was 5 -- who asks a stranger to help them tickle their daughter?

Ew. No.

Erika Jean said...

CCRREEEEPY is right!

Ky • said...




Anonymous said...

How long did this whole scene take place? Because I know, I could eat a peach for hours.

wrestling kitties said... awkward and inappropriate.

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