Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Tired of these yet?  Our photographer captured some funny moments and I wanted to share.
In front of the Museum, we just had to class it up.

The photographer had me CLIMB up in this window, and my short little sticks were swinging out.  Hilarious.

THEN, on the way down from the ledge, Danny had to basically lower me down but right after this picture, my entire ass was hanging out (see, you can almost see it at the bottom.  Obviously, being a supermodel IS hard work.

More classiness at the TMA

My favorite of the outtakes, here is Danny air-choking me.  The next five photos are of me cracking up.

Weeeeeee, represent....the Lollipop guild!  Don't we look like midgets? 


Sassytimes said...

These (and your captions) made me laugh. I actually love the last photo - I have a thing for walking away photos. We have engagement, wedding, first baby and second baby ones. I think it's a cool way to document a growing relationship/family.

Amber said...

Love the outtakes!

I don't consider the one of you in the window an outtake - so cute!

Erika Jean said...

hehe love them! You should keep a look out on walgreens.com they every once and a while give a way these small free photo books - you just have to pay shipping. Might be fun to make a little book of these ;-)

Written Permission said...

You crack me up. :) I think you both look adorable in all of these!

I, for one, will enjoy 100 more posts of your pictures. Keep 'em coming!

Nadja said...

Oh my gosh keep those forever and ever. Your kids will be as funny as you and want to see them.

wrestling kitties said...

HAHA! These are AWESOME! The funny pictures are always my favorite.