Monday, August 8, 2011


Are you an iTunes user?  Sometime earlier this year, iTunes wiped out my iPod of existing music NOT purchased from their site and I have had to rebuild my collection.  As irate as I was when it happened, it has given me the opportunity to start from scratch.

However, I just downloaded the Best of Poison (remastered - yes!!!!), and Michael Jackson's greatest hits.  Seems I'm not really branching out much.  And yes, my first purchase after the annihilation was Gun N' Roses, all albums, no collections.  I'm a purist when it comes to Axl.  Why branch out when you can rock out?

Do you have any experience with Podcasts?  I get all excited when I see anything FREE on iTunes so I went for it.  I subscribed to Aisha Tyler's podcast and something else called "Stuff you should know."   Hey, it's free and I'm about to go on a very long car ride.


Ky • said...

Hey - quick random note: Ragan SWEARS that you should buy ALL of your music from amazon. It is iPod compatible and Apple can't pull that erasing bullshit ever again. And, I believe you can store it in Amazon's cloud for free.

(I can't use it because I live in stupid Mexico, but she recommends it.)

Erika Jean said...

I LOVE podcasts! I like to listen to Relic Radio's "Case Closed" and "Legacy of Laughs" for long car rides.