Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Help

On the way to New Jersey, I read almost this entire book in the car.  The next few nights after work, I couldn't wait to get home to finish it.  The Help was a page turner for me;  it read very well, was written in several characters' voices that made it so interesting that I found myself really getting involved in the drama of the story.

Short thoughts - I admired Skeeter, Minny made me laugh at times, Abileen was so incredibly strong, I wanted to strangle Hilly and tell Elizabeth to give up her children for adoption.   I can't wait to see who is playing Missus Stein and see what Ceilia Foote is wearing.

Overall....I loved it.  What a compelling story based on factual events.   It was maddening, frustrating, heartbreaking, touching and shocking.  All elements of a fascinating story.  What I took from this book, though, is that we all need to be kinder to each other.  Also, we need to not assume that we know someone's thoughts, motivation, and that we don't always get answers about why something happens.  Just do what is right by you. 

I did seek out a review section of this book and found some of the reviews absurd.  You can read them here for your enjoyment.  Haters!  Some people are so hard on the author and are pointing out mistakes like air-conditioning.  However, in the index, Stockett explains that she takes some liberties with the story to make it readable and a bit more entertaining.  Hey everybody, it's fiction.  It's for....FUN!  Lighten up.  It's not a textbook.

Great read.  Can't wait to see the movie.


Erika Jean said...

yey! Glad you liked it. Nice review... Makes me want to go read it AGAIN!

Traci said...

LOVED this made me laugh and cry. The movie was great..I think you'll enjoy it. Be sure to bring a box of Kleenex to the theater.

Sassytimes said...

I LOVED this book. Can't wait to see the movie either. I've heard great things about the movie as well.

p.s. I take pics of myself using the self-timer on my camera. Not the greatest, but it works. ;)

Amber said...

Loved this book! Afraid to see the movie, but I'm going to. I'm just going to go in knowing it won't live up to my expectations that way it's win/win. If it's good, I win. If it's bad, I don't lose. :-)