Thursday, August 18, 2011

Def Leppard with Heart

Can you see it?  Can you see my face?  If not, that's simply because it's melted. The concert melted my face off.  Heart and Def Leppard continue to amaze me.

Thank you to Tracy who turned me onto to find the show's list of songs as they were played because I just never, ever remember what the band plays.  I just simply forget.  Either I'm too drunk, too excited, or my mind just twists the concert after it's over.  My mental capacity needs a refresher course and is the perfect recap.  Here is last night's set list and photos from my uber sweet Samsung Galaxy to accompany the songs:


Rock and Roll (Zeppelin)
Magic Man
(We heard these from the parking lot)
Straight On
These Dreams
WTF (new album)
The Battle of Evermore (Zeppelin)
(Interjection - this song blew me away.  Leppelin is a favorite of mine and Nancy and Ann just KILLED it.  They both played guitars and just sang their souls out.  This was, in every sense of the word...amazing).
Love, Reign Over Me (The Who)
Let's Get Rocked
Can you see the snake running through the screen?  AN..I...MAL!

Love Bites
Rock On

Two Steps Behind
The band came out front to play Two Steps Behind and Bringing on the Heartbreak. My heart did break because it was so awesome.

Switch 625

During Photograph, the screens were full of old pictures of the band's tour.

I need to mention that Phil (on the right) is so ripped, it looks almost unnatural.  Tracy told me he is a body builder.  She's not fa, fa, fa foolin.

Pour Some Sugar On Me
Rock of Ages

Other items of note:

The draft beer was filled up from a hole in the bottom of the plastic cup.  The bartender sat the cup on top of the tap and the beer rushed up from the  bottom via a hole so there is no spillage or extra foamy head, making it a faster pour and less waste.  Brilliant!

Here is a picture of Danny and me almost 4 years to the day from our 2nd date ....same place, same band.  Love you Danny!



B. said...

I am jealous, I really wish we could have gone.

Amber said...

Awesome. I'm so jealous. When I was younger, I used to pretend I was in Heart. And Def Leppard? I couldn't imagine. Wow.

(I need to know more about this beer thing.)

Kate said...

That set list for both acts is AMAZING. I would have loved that show! So jealous!