Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Weight Loss Wednesday

Ok, so I had a little bit of fun over the weekend - sue me!  Well, actually I had a lot of fun over the weekend...3 solid days of drinking and shoveling food into my face eating  at the lake with my best friends for my bachelorette party.  Guess what?

I gained about 6 pounds in 4 days.  Eek!  I kept telling myself...don't freak's worth will come off. 

And guess what?  I didn't freak out, it WAS worth it and it is already coming off.  Yes, this was a rare and planned occasion where I knew I was going to indulge (well, indulge is not even quite the word - I felt like I was in college again and the freedom was incredibly satisfying).  Then there comes a time to face reality and get back on track.  So that's what I did.   Back on track and doing fine.   I think the key is not to punish yourself and to just reign it in and not let your bad eating snowball.

Over all, I think this weekend put me about two weeks behind in my weight loss efforts (one week to get the weight back off and a second week to get back to where I was going to be), but the main question:  was it worth it? 

YES!  It was worth it.  Now, should I indulge every weekend or even once a month.  No!  Hell no.  that would never work.  I have a goal and I AM going to get there.  Little treats here and there won't kill your momentum but a weekend of willy-nilly booze chugging will.

Thank you to my sisters and friends for an amazing party.  I love you all.


Anonymous said...

smack my ass and call me fanny, een's about to marry danny!

god, that cake was good.

the weekend was SO MUCH FUN!

love you,


Ky • said...

SOOOO glad you had a great time!!!!!

wrestling kitties said...

I am sure you will be back where you want in NO time!

And something like this is TOTALLY worth it and glad you had such a wonderful time!!