Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Weight Loss Wednesday

Finally!  I lost 2.6 yesterday.  I missed last week's meeting but I had not lost any weight in a few weeks.  Damn plateaus!  I was up .2 and then stayed the sam, this and that, and all that garbage.  Whew.  Back on track.  Total loss now is 31.5 since January.

Our topic was about variety and how the summer time is wonderful for weight loss as it gives us an abundant variety of food and the opportunity to "eat from the dirt."  As a fun activity we listed A-Z fruits and vegetables.  I loved it!  Sort of like trivia.

I have never had ugli fruit (nor did I know it was spelled with an I) and I was picturing it as a cactus.  Here it is.  It looks like a beat-down orange.  What new fruits and vegetables have you tried lately?


Amber said...

How is this pronounced? It doesn't seem to have a lot going in its favor - it looks defeated:

Man, I wish I was an orange. Everyone thinks I am orange, but no one wants me because I look beat up, dropped and sat on. And my name is Ugly.

P.S. Congrats on the loss!

Ky • said...

I am in awe. 31.5 lbs. is incredible.