Friday, July 15, 2011

Shoot the Bacon

Shoot the Bacon (or Hunky Turkey) is an Hungarian Tradition that my family has been carrying out for many generations.  We are Hungarian and proud and we like our meat!  Here's why:

To "Shoot the Bacon" here is what you need:
1)  The jowl cut of the bacon, to ensure extra greasiness
2)  White onions, green peppers, tomatoes
3)  White crusty bread

Over an open flame or fire pit in a grill basket, roast the bacon so it starts to sizzle.  Then hold the bacon basket over the nice, healthy white bread so the grease covers it.  Yes, be sure to cover it so it is nice and soaked.  My Grandpa usually supervises - "More grease!"

When you have enough grease, cut up the cooked bacon, add the veggies of your choice (hey, it's a complete meal!), and make a little sandwich out if it.  Delicious.  If you are not Hungarian, you may not like it, but friends, this is a true ethnic treat.


Erika Jean said...

Lol, going to have a Weight loss Wed. next week after eating this?! hehe, just teasin' ya. Does the bacon get crispy?? It sounds good, but I gotta have my bacon cripsy!

Iris Took said...

@ Erika Jean - LOL is right! This year I had to abstain from the shoot the bacon and I HATED IT! I ate grilled fish and a salad and it was terrible. But! I lost so it was worth it. Next year I will partake...just one though.... :)