Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weight Loss Wednesday

It's Sunday....

I have really been slacking on my blog, but wanted to post my progress from this week.
Lost 1.6! 

This week's topic was about tracking and how we hold ourselves accountable.

I have been slacking on tracking too!!  Letting a busy life run you is no way to be.  Keeping on track with your routines is best and while difficult especially when you have a lot going on, leads to success.

Do you write down or journal what you eat?

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Amber said...


I just joined Bigger Loser Online and cannot keep up with the tracking - of the food or exercise. I am following the menu provided and am hoping that's good enough. This whole weight loss thing takes so much more time than I first realized. Time to plan your meals, time to prepare your meals, even time to eat since I'm eating a lot more often than I was before. Factor in time to exercise and I just don't have time to journal or track.