Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wedding update and giving thanks

Yesterday was my bridal shower hosted by my side of the family.  What can I say?  Have you ever been in a room full of people that you love to death and they have traveled near and far just to see and support you?  It's an incredible feeling and it kind of made me want to explode (in a good way). 

THANK YOU to my sisters, aunts, cousins, and mom who threw me this amazing shower.  I feel so incredibly loved and supported and I just want to pass it around and share the love!  My good friend that drove in from Cleveland asked me after the shower what my favorite gift was.  I thought about it for a minute and had to really formulate how I wanted to express in words what I was feeling.

My favorite gift was not one that I opened, but rather that everyone was TOGETHER in one space at one time:  no cell phones, no agenda, just food, drinks, cake and laughing (and hugging and pictures, etc..).  It was a beautiful day and my heart was melting.  As I have gotten older, I am lucky enough to have held on to many friends but also made some new ones along the way.  It was spectacular to see all of the groups come together and be able to meet each other.  Do you have friends that don't know each other but you KNOW they would love one another and be instant friends if they actually did meet?  I felt like that happened yesterday times one hundred.

Thank you again for everything.  The wedding festivities have officially started and we got engaged exactly one year ago today.  Having family and friends is truly a blessing and I am so very blessed.


Anonymous said...

it was the best bridal shower ever! you are the best present opener i know and such a low maintenance bride-to-be.

Love you Weeno!

Sarah said...

It's an overwhelming feeling itsn't it? To know so many people have gathered in one spot just for YOU. I remember this feeling exactly, and I remember it being even stronger for my baby shower - to know these people loved my unborn baby was incredible.

wrestling kitties said...

This post gives me the chills for you!! I am truly SO happy for you and so happy you had such a wonderful day!! Enjoy all these moments!

31derful said...

Dear Danny, thanks for proposing to Een and giving us a fantastic reason to honor her in this way! Love, Your future sister-in-law :)