Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ridin' the Storm Out

Memorial Day weekend - a storm was brewing as we are leaving Clark Lake in Irish Hills.  My Dad says we can beat it if we drive 60 as an average on the way home.  If the Mustache says we can beat it, we are confident.

So, on the way home, the sky looks ok in front of us and behind us a little dark.  My sister was still at the lake and said the wind had really kicked up and a tornado had touched down in Vandercook which was North of the lake.  *Driving faster*

The sky grew darker and more green and purple all at once but now it was to the south (we needed to head south but still had about 20 miles east to go on M-50).  We turned on the radio so we could hear what has happening and just as we heard the announcer say, "A tornado warning has been issued for Monroe county," I see a Monroe County sign whiz by.  OH CRAP.  Thank God I wasn't driving because driving and peeing your pants is a terrible combination.

So, sirens, purple swirly sky, two lane highway, 9 miles to go to Dundee, and we have been advised to take shelter.  Driving about 90.  Talk about scary.  Praying.  This was the exact spot where a tornado ripped through last year and devastated a strip of houses and businesses last year.  *Extreme stress*

Finally, we reach commercial buildings in Dundee.  That 9 miles seemed to take years.  We tore into a tractor & supply store parking lot (I don't even think we locked the doors) banged on the doors, and they let us in.  We then ran to the corner of the store and breathed sighs of relief.  I felt like I rand a marathon (well, at least a 5k).  Looking around, people were just minding their own business, shopping away, to the Muzak of the store.  I guess they didn't have the horrible car ride we did. 

Later we talked to my renegade Dad.  My fiancee says to him - "If you wanted the wedding off, there are other ways to make it not happen other than driving us into a TORNADO!"  LOL.  Thanks Mustache!


wrestling kitties said...

Glad you guys made it safely!!! Scary!

I have been in the path of a tornado and IN a hurricane....the tornado was the one that really scared me because it can just come out of no where.

Erika Jean said...

Yikes! Glad you got to shelter!!

B. said...

Reading your post I had Riders on the Storm by the Doors going through my head.

Anonymous said...

that was stressful! i hated that day! stupid scary storms...