Thursday, June 23, 2011

People are Crazy

Kroger on Glendale, yesterday around lunchtime.

I was walking into the vestibule area and I notice a guy probably in his 20s riding a bicycle out of the store.  I notice a few things about this gentleman:

1)  He was riding a bicycle in Kroger.
2)  He had on a man-satchel that looked liked the Vera Bradley my future MIL wears.  It's purple.
3)  He had an enormous gash on his forehead that was bleeding down his forehead.

I probably stopped and stared.  I sometimes can't think that hard while walking.  It's like being in a total daydream thinking about what actually happened when that call came over the PA in the store:  "Clean up in aisle 5, bring a mop and bucket!"

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