Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Office Bathroom

The rules of the bathroom are unclear.  Let's face it, bathroom etiquette, especially in the workplace, can be awkward at best.  For instance: 

We have two one-person restrooms so you cannot tell that the restroom is occupied.  If only there was a light that illuminated "occupied" as occurs on airplanes.  Just imagine, you are inside the one-person bathroom doing your business, minding your own business and.....KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK!  Women are notorious for three quick raps. 

Now what?  Should you:
A)  Scream, "Just a minute!"
B)  Courtesy flush to make a sound
C)  Cough loudly
D)  Hit the hand dryer

I mean, it's awkward.  The person-in-wait is just standing there when you come out so you have another forced uncomfortable exchange.  Let's also address those that just go back to work without washing their hands, and they know that you know, and still this occurs.  Hello?  The hand dryer is as loud as a Mack truck.  Even if you don't wash your hands that touch all the electronics that I touch, at least hit the dryer so I feel like you did.  Disgusting. 


Erika Jean said...

you guys should get a little sign on the door or door handle that you can flip over, and flip back when you're done...

Wendy said...

We have a big women's restroom with four stalls and another single-person bathroom in the corner of our office. That bathroom is the pooping bathroom because everyone seems to go in there to do #2. Except it's obvious when someone's heading that way to do their business - it's like the walk of poop shame.

I can't stand non-washers! GROSSSSSSS!!!!