Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Father's Day Dad!

For Father's Day, my Dad just asked for a story from our childhood involving him.  So many came to mind, and I had a hard time narrowing it down, but I chose this one and wanted to share.  Happy Father's Day Dad - love you!

For Dad
Father’s Day 6.19.11

I remember always watching great movies with Dad - Goonies, Gremlins, Adventures in Babysitting, Flight of the Navigator, Back to the Future, Morris and the Disappearing Bag, Fur Coat Club, Baby, The Gods Must be Crazy, just to name a few classics. I have my Dad to thank for my love of Star Wars and Lord of the Rings and we always liked watching X-Files together and of course 24 (I know it’s a TV show, but hey, it’s Jack Bauer!) We liked the action adventure fun kind of movies and often occurring in these movies are gross or scary sections...but that’s ok because watching gross or scary stuff fits into the Jim Dandar model of “play rough be tough,” that means, if you are tough enough to watch it, you can handle it.

One day we watched Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and to this day, the Indy movies are some of my favorites. The second Indy movie in particular though is the most unusual of the Jones Trilogy as it covers child slavery, voodoo, and snakes...why does it always have to be snakes??

So....the scene of the Palace Dinner features menu delicacies such as chilled monkey brains, eyeball soup and “snake surprise,” where a large boa constrictor is sliced open and squad of baby snakes slither out of the big snake's body to be eaten by the dinner guests with their bare hands. SO GROSS, especially as a child, and possibly traumatic, but it’s alright, because we were watching with Dad so we could always laugh about it.

After the movie, Dad made us lunch....Top Ramen (that what we call ramen noodles). Normally a favorite, that day the noodles resembled the “snake surprise” a little too much. Most likely the only time I didn’t have an appetite as a kid. Dad probably got a laugh out of it and we did too, for many years to come. It’s the “gift that keeps on giving,” another model of my Dad’s.

Thanks for all the fun and the lessons Dad!


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Anonymous said...

so funny! we quickly got over it though since top ramen is still one of our favorites!