Monday, May 23, 2011

Who has these still?

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Ky • said...

Truth? I totally have a visor/window/thing.



(Don't think less of me.)

Jill Marie said...

Does it really keep your car cooler though??

Sarah said...

another truth: I used to, not the accordion-style one, but I had a windshield cover for my old car. It doesn't fit the windshield of this car but I miss it!

I can't really say that it kept my car terribly cooler, but it yes, slightly cooler? But the best is that the steering wheel was never too hot to touch.

Iris Took said...

@Ky- I was totally thinking about you....hahah! In the heat of MX - this is acceptable. In Ohio, I think we are ok.

Erika Jean said...

I live in AZ, who DOESN'T have one! ;-)

I alot of people here put car carpen on their DASH because the sun cracks the plastic! (I would never though - too tacky!)

Erika Jean said...

and when I say carpen I mean carpet!

Erika Jean said...

Oh, and haven't you ever seen this: ;-)

Ky • said...

To add: I don't have an accordion-style one, but the one I have DOES reflect the sun and protect my dashboard from drying up and turning to dust. :)

wrestling kitties said...

I had an accordion style sun-reflector in my car up until a year ago. We still have it, but I took it out of my car because I always forgot to use it. It is in Terry's car. I got it when I lived in FL. for the year and just kept it.

In my defense, I think sometimes I am about 10 years behind the times. I still refuse to get rid of my land-line phone, just have a plain phone & don't have internet on my cell phone, still write letters in pen, and I own an accordion-style sun reflector.

Are you still my friend?!?!