Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Weight Loss Wednesday and Excuses not to Exercise

Lost 2.4 this week ---- eeeee!

Received a little charm too - a little weight that says "25" on it - super cute.  I have now lost a total of 25 lbs. since January 18th.  What can I say....I feel happy, motivated, excited, energetic, hopeful, and inspired.  On the other hand there are emotions and thoughts to deal with - I am nervous about my next steps, what happens if I plateau and how can I get through it, can I make it to my goal weight in time for my wedding, can I keep it off?  Blahblahgobbledeegook!  Then, I focus on taking a deeeeeep breath and telling myself, "One step at a time.  Just focus on today."

This week's WW topic was about exercise and how we tend to find all kinds of reasons and excuses NOT to get it done.  I often think about how easy it is to get on an exercising streak both ways.  Once you are into a routine you can't imagine NOT making time for exercise and when you need to get back into it, you can find a million reasons why you don't have time.  Isn't that so true?  Our leader had us write down reasons and submit them to her to read aloud.  To make it more fun, she said they could be serious or humorous.

My answer?  My legs are too pale.  That got a big laugh....and I was pleased.
Other answers included:
  • Not enough time
  • Don't want to shower twice in one day
  • No energy
  • It's crappy outside
  • Kids take priority
  • Work hours don't leave time

What's your excuse?


Anonymous said...

wow buddy!!! 25! you rock :)

wrestling kitties said...


Way to go - 25 pounds is fantastic! And you are going slow and steady which is the best way to keep it off! You rock!

Right now my excuse is I am pregnant....which is a horrible excuse. I SHOULD be walking and exercising now as it is good for both of us.

Other excuses have always been: it is boring. I am tired when I get home and just want to relax and I don't want to wake up early. It is boring. I don't want to go outside. I don't want to stay inside. It is BORING!!

I wish I didn't make so many excuses and just DID it. I do feel better when I do.

Ky • said...



EEN?! Allow yourself to be so proud of this accomplishment. Truly. You're changing your life. Um,

(And thanks for the reminder - I'm an excuse maker, too.)