Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pirates: On Stranger Tides

Ahoy!  Pirates beware!  ARRRRG!

Pirate stuff is fun.  C'mon admit it.  It is.

Pirates of the Caribbean:  On Stranger Tides showcases more pirate-y stuff, high seas adventures, swashbuckling and sword fighting, mythical creatures, and CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow.

Overall - it's entertaining, especially if you are a Pirates fan.  Don't be that person that goes there and picks apart the movie...."Oh, like THAT could ever happen!"  Wake up dude, this is the 4th installment of a fantasy series and the plot isn't really a thinker.  Just enjoy it for what it is --- pure entertainment and gorgeous scenery.

New elements to enjoy are the character of Blackbeard, a bad-ass pirate with a very nasty ship and crew full of Zombies.  Not to mention a smokin'-hot Penelope Cruz.  She's fantastic.  Love the addition of the mermaids.  I don't miss Elizabeth Swann with her mouth wide open, who is helpless and also can "fight like a man" all once (eye roll), but I do miss Will Turner and his fantasticness (that's a new word because I just added it to wikipedia). 

I'd say go see it if you value seeing action flicks in the theater.  Kids will like this one too. 

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wrestling kitties said...

i knew I could count on you to see this movie!! We might go this weekend, it is between Thor or this.

I really want to see this, it looks like a fun movie! The cast looks great and I too am SO glad Elizabeth Swan is NOT in the movie. Over her character.

P.S. by "beautiful scenery" I am pretending you meant Johnny Depp :)

Also...I cannot WAIT for Harry Potter in a couple months!! AAAAHHHH