Tuesday, May 24, 2011

People are Crazy

My love of tea has grown.  No more are the days when I scoff at iced tea and reach for the diet Coke, but rather enjoy making different teas, blending teas, iced or hot, adding lemon or orange zest.  As they say at Teavana, "It's an investment in health and wellness."

However, the investment was getting rather absurd at Teavana, so I cut back and started perusing aisle 15 at the grocery store and was rather impressed with what Lipton, Bigelow (I buy this kind so I can think of Deuce! lines while making it), Stash and other brands now have to offer.  Bagged tea has come a long way baby!  Each website even has sections on health, beauty and sustainability!  Impressive.

On to my story.  10pm, Kroger (Monroe and Secor----yes, that one):
Me:  Perusing the tea section
Random Lady:  "Tea drinker huh?"  This must be the equivalent of, Come here often? but grocery store style.
Me:  "Yep."  Noticing Tea-lady has little to no teeth and have not had a bath in a while.  Internal conflict....be nice...internal conflict.....do onto others......
Tea Lady:  "How do you feel about Celestial Seasonings?"
Me:  "I feel pretty good about it."
Tea Lady:  "Well, I've never had it.  Had coffee.  Never had Celestial Seasonings though....nopppppe."  She popped the "P" at the end.
Me:  Staring at the tea.  Awkward.  Her comments didn't warrant a response really, but I didn't want to be rude.  She headed down the aisle and around the corner.  Then came back.  There was more random tea talk and awkwardness.   So much awkwardness.

Moral of the story:   Don't shop for tea at 10pm on a school night.


Anonymous said...

Moral #2: Stay away from that Kroger. It gets weirder each time I go! --JS

wrestling kitties said...

I very much enjoy how much random people feel comfortable talking to you....though I am not sure if you feel the same! :)

Amber said...

Just another reason to avoid that Kroger all together!

I bet parking at 10 p.m. wasn't a pain in the a**, though.