Monday, May 9, 2011

Green Man!

Check this Party City you can buy a "morph suit" for only $49.99!''

My first question brave do you have to be to wear this type of lycra-spandex mixture clung to your body? you wear underwear?

Finally...when you drink beer through the mouth part would it get stained?  What about sweating?

I would also like to point out that these suits are not just for the slender individual, no no, they are also built for huskier people. 

The Original Green Man!

Am liking the Tux suit...formal with a causal flair.

For the patriot in you.  


B. said...

Love the tux suit one!

wrestling kitties said...

WOW. Where do you wear this?! A party, a football game, the grocery store, whengetting your taxes done?!?! You find the best stuff!

P.S. I would sweat all up in that thing!!

Also, the perve in me is thinking that I like how their junk in these pictures are hidden because you know in something that tight the guys business would be all out there! These are the tasteful selling pictures :)

Ky • said...

I think you totally have to wear underwear. You'd need a cotton crotch with all that lycra.

(I think my cousin Ragan and her husband Craig would wear ALL of these. Sal?)