Monday, May 2, 2011


Over the weekend, I attended a bridal shower for one of my oldest (in tenure, not in age) friends, Bridget.  I must be getting old, because I now find bridal showers enjoyable (angry old me is slapping giddy, shower-loving me).  It was so nice to see Bridget and meet her fiancee finally (they live out of state, I am not that bad of a friend), and to see some old friends including my very talented friend Amy!  We all went to college together and I had no doubt in my mind that Amy was going to be a successful artist, but I will let you see for yourself here.

Amy creates the absolutely coolest, most unique ceramic sculptures that all have their own names!   Support the arts and visit her website.

Bridge and Amy (and Fran and Sai) - great to see you all - can't wait for August!

Love, een


Ky • said...

AWESOME pieces. Gorgeous.

Amy said...

So I am really behind on reading your blog and was so excited to see this post! Thank you so much for linking to my site, too.
I loved, loved, loved seeing you and Bridget and really can't wait for August.