Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Weight Loss Wednesday...and some philosophy

Last week I missed my weigh in and this week was big - lost 5!  I have adopted some new habits that I scoffed at previously and which seemed a bit controversial to me.   But since I was not really losing weight despite my dedicated efforts and I really was "doing everything right."  Every day I looked at the calendar and seeing my wedding get closer, I was worried I wouldn't be where I wanted to be in terms of weight.  Some big changes needed to happen.  Instead of giving up, I switched it up. 

SO!  All organic for me (and this can be a challenge in Toledo, OH), no dairy, no sugar, no processed foods, no alcohol...basically detoxing for a month.  It's going well and I feel good.  Some days tired and hungry, but I think this is a positive change and my body is responding well.  I have been eating foods that don't normally find themselves on my daily menu.  It's also forcing me to go to bed earlier that's for sure (because when you are hungry and have no more calories to consume, you go to bed).

The meeting topic this week was TRACKING - that's WW speak for journaling, or writing it down.  Our leader said if you have a plan of what you are eating, you tend to be more successful.  I definitely think this is true, writing it down seems so simple, but it can be challenging on the weekends, on vacation, etc...  If I write down what I am eating for the entire day, I tend to stick to it.  Not sayin' I'm always perfect, but it helps to have a plan.

As I was leaving the meeting, a woman with whom I am friendly said HI like usual and we started chatting.  She told me my hair was cute that day, and I did what a lot of women tend to do, which is to Say immediately that, "Oh, no, I'm such a mess, blah blah blah...,"  Why do we do this??  She went on to say how she always admired how I smiled at her and seemed to be in a good mood.  THEN to add a cherry on top, she said I always looked so put together!  WHAT?  I always feel so disheveled and windblown after work so that made me feel just INCREDIBLE.  Funny how another person's perspective can help adjust your own.  A little confidence boost goes a long way.

Give yourself a pat on the back this week - I think we are all too hard on ourselves and deserve a break.  After all, if we are healthy and happy, shouldn't that be enough?  Shouldn't it be enough for ourselves?

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wrestling kitties said...

How sweet of the women! And VERY well said, why do we always dismiss compliments instead of believing them and saying thank you! Great reminder

And YAY FOR THE WEIGHT LOSS! That is awesome!

Good luck with your "detox" this month. I am sure that will be hard, but SO good for your body!