Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Weight Loss Wednesday

Had another great week - lost 2.5!  I have been soooo strict, saying no to Easter candy (not one.single.jelly.bean), packing my food for family gatherings, going to bed early, no soda... It's working - - - and I am elated, because I am really putting 100% in right now.  This is my whole focus.

This week's WW topic was about different ways to make different foods.  I got a few good suggestions but mostly, I sat there and grew hungrier with every tick of the second hand.  I felt like Homer Simpson having donut illusions or those cartoons where people turn into rotisserie chickens....mmmmm, tasty!  But not in a cannibalistic way, just an "I'm freaking hungry" way.  Geez...

The point I took from the meeting was to incorporate new foods into your diet and not to eat the same thing every day, every week, so you can get a variety of nutrients from  your food.  This week I tried blueberries and I was surprised to find the organic type less tart than the conventional.   I am adding eggplant to my list of items to try as well as apricots, cherries, and bell peppers (instead of the usual apple, orange, broccoli, asparagus).

With the spring season ahead (let's hope), I am very excited to be grilling more (I did yesterday) and that makes cooking different, cleanup easier, and just more fun!

What are you doing to keep it interesting?


Jeff Schaaf said...

Try grilling large slices of vidalia onions to eat with chicken or lean beef. The sweetness and flavor really comes out on the grill, and they don't taste like onions at all.

Ky • said...

WOW! 2.5 lbs is awesome - and that's really wonderful to lose during EASTER week. I'm so impressed.

We've been doing baked talapia with lemon pepper and I've LOVED it lately...

Do you like Brussels sprouts? They're my current fave.

(I'm sick of chicken these days... I can no longer eat it. I'm bored with it.)

wrestling kitties said...

WAY TO GO!! That is awesome

Cooking has been way down in our household because most of the time it is just me alone. And with the indigestion I have been experiencing lately, I just eat soups and grilled cheese and plain pasta. Not always the healthiest...but all that I can handle really.

But terry is almost out of class plus during this time of year I am all about fish, chicken, and veggies! I try different spices to keep things interesting, love Indian spices, just keep it very mild. And I also love lemon, garlic & pepper on chicken and fish...with some roasted veggies or even mixed with couscous...LOVE IT! I think spring and summer is much easier to eat healthier because of the great options available!

Anonymous said...

Brussel Sprouts are Awesome!!! Tell your friends!