Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Weight Loss Wednesday

Well - I missed my WW meeting lat night, BUT! I did buy a new digital scale that measures not only weight, but body fat, bone mass, and hydration levels as well.  It has memory for 4 users and you can enter your goal weight so you are working towards something.

Pretty neat, right?

I weighed myself this am and think I was down 1lb from last week.  We will see where I am next Tuesday.

Here is what the scale looks like:

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wrestling kitties said...

oh, that is a fancy scale! Very nice.

I 100% rely on my home digital scale for my weight, not the doctors office as one day I went to my baby dr and weighed one thing, the very NEXT day I went to my family doctor and weighed 4 pounds different (both appts in the morning and wearing similar clothes) and the scale at home that I check when I get up in the morning was exactly the same both days. STUPID.