Thursday, April 28, 2011

People Are Crazy

Crazy weather we're having isn't it?

Imagine how annoying it is to be working at a gas station or retail when the weather is, well, crazy.  That's ALL people say.  Just comments about the weather.  Yesterday was was particularly windy as I pumped gas and had to go in to pay for it.  My hair was whipping everywhere, debris was whizzing by, and the door to the station FLEW open and almost took my arm off as I opened it.  I mean, I felt like Dorothy fleeing into the house before it got swept away by the twister.

Me (to the attendant):  "At the risk of sounding like everyone else today, it's really windy out!  Like extraordinarily windy."

Her:  "Yeah, everyone comments about the weather.  I'm used to it."

Me:  "I'm sure it gets annoying."

Her:  "Well, it does.  But it's nice when people tell me that there's a tornado warning or something so then I can call home and tell my 5 year old to get in the basement.  She knows the drill."

Me:  "Oh, uhhmm, uh,  30 on 3....."

....aaaaaaaaaand the number for Childrens' Services....


Ky • said...

I love these. You're awesome.

Really? Is someone WITH the 5-year-old who is taking cover from inclement weather???

wrestling kitties said...

I agree, LOVE THESE!

Yes, hopefully she meant to say to call the babysitter for her 5 year old daughter otherwise why is your daughter home alone?!

Also, because T. works at an auto parts store he hears about the weather ALL DAY LONG. His favorite is when everyone says something different. It keeps him entertained :)