Tuesday, April 5, 2011

People Are Crazy

The gas station is always a good place to go trolling for crazy people. 

In line at the gas station, 10am on Saturday morning:
Woman rams into me almost knocking me over.  She wasn't that big so I was astonished at her force.
Her:  "Sorry Ma'am.  My kids are out of control and driving me crazy."
Me:  Ma'am?  You are 20 years my senior and blaming your rudeness on your kids.  Hmmm.  "It's ok."  Weak smile.
Her:  (to the kids):  "Just get some damn hostess cupcakes or something - it's breakfast so not candy."
Me:  Weaker smile.
Her:  bumping into me again (I think she may have been drunk):  "Uh, sorry Ma'am...it's been a day....baaarrruuuuuuppppppp!"
Me:  No smile.   Head cocked to the side - eyes wide.

Did she just rip a big ass burp in my face right after calling me ma'am for a second time?  Yep, definitely drunk.


Sassytimes said...

Wow! Drunk at 10am on a Saturday morning WITH your kids? Mom o' the year. Sad.

Ky • twopretzels.com said...


That's terrible.

I love that she can be drunk at the gas station, unaware of personal space and BURP in public -- yet she was worried about her children's breakfast nutrition. I mean, hostess cupcakes are FAR better for them than a bag of skittles.

Erika Jean said...


wrestling kitties said...

WOW. That is horrible

You run into "the best" people!