Monday, April 4, 2011




Sarah said...

This might be my neighbor.

Really. Except they probably don't call them dolls.

I live by 2 people who treat dolls as their children - pictures of them on the walls, like vacation pictures. I'm not joking. it's insane. Their "kids" lay-out with them, go trick-or-treating, etc.

(I've only talked to them once, now I avoid)

Iris Took said...

@ Sarah -

Ky • said...

SO creepy.

Wendy said...

Ewww. I "love dolls" but only in a "let's make cute fabric dolls" type of way. Not in a molester-type of way. Ickk.

I have a "people are crazy story!" We went camping this weekend at a park we've been to four other times, all at various times of the year. Each time we've been, we see the same big RV there. It's a driveable huge RV. The girls are always drawn to the camper because there are about 80 poodle beanie babies set up in a scene on the windshield of the rig. There's handmade shelves and netting and the such - it's quite gross really because there's 160 dark beanie puppy eyes staring at you when you walk by.

We've seen those darn puppies every time we've been in the park - but they're always slightly different. Which means that the woman (we're hoping it's a woman, an old lady?) that sets them up each time they camp TRIES OUT NEW SCENES with the stuffed dogs each time they park the rig! HAHAHAHA!

wrestling kitties said...

I would never enter a house with a car like that in the driveway. EVER.