Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Weight Loss Wednesday

Ok....gained .4.  I'm not happy with my progress or lack thereof.  I have not been able to exercise for about 2 weeks since I have an injury to my hip and am going to physical therapy in 2 weeks for it so hopefully I should have some answers mid-April about that.

Otherwise, I am frustrated and annoyed.  What else can I do?  When dieting/eating sensibly within your "points" or caloric range is not enough?

My plan is to give Weight Watchers about one more month and REALLY a model weight watcher by attending every meeting (I do already), writing EVERYTHING down, and really not drinking (this is a nightmare!).  Maybe one or two glasses of wine but that's it.  I just can't drink and lose weight.

SO!  I'll just keep at it strictly and then go to plan B, which is seeing a dietitian and getting a personalized plan for me if I have not seen more results in another month.

This week's topic at WW was having a weight loss buddy - - the importance of your buddy, what you need and want in a buddy, and how your buddy ultimately can help you on your journey.  I am lucky to have many buddies and supporters - -  thank you to my buddies!


Amber said...

I don't know a lot about Weight Watchers, but the measuring weight in tenths bothers me. Could the weight of a bulky sweater make a difference or are you weighed sans clothing? I ask because, for me, I'd rather stay the same two weeks in a row, than gain .4. 'Cause once I feel like I failed, I'm out. (I'm a quitter. Not proud of it.)

wrestling kitties said...

yeah, .4 could just be a good bowel movement! :-) I never worry until it is at least a pound or so. I NEVER am they same exact weight and I weigh myself the same time every morning. (Which is when you should weigh yourself as it is the most accurate.)

I feel your frustration and hope you find something that helps. I am sending you the PDF of the 4 day diet, it does give great suggestions and helps kick start weight loss.


Anonymous said...

Keep at it WEEN! It will pay off! Maybe WW isn't the program for you?
Keep up your hard work, I know how much you sacrifice and how annoying that is, but keep it up! love you, BOB