Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Weight Loss Wednesday

This week I lost .8 - almost a whole pound, and now total 6.  Yes, 6.  I am going in the right direction!  Our topic this week was celebrating every success, which made me think about getting ice cream, of course.

How does one celebrate weight loss success that does not involve driving yourself to the nearest McDonald's for a Fudge Sundae with double fudge?  You can get a massage....and then ice cream???  I have a hard time finding non-food and non-monetary rewards for myself.   The success just needs to be the success, the looser pants, the feeling of satisfaction, the healthier SELF.  But ice cream sure is amazing.

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wrestling kitties said...


When I was losing weight when I reached a certain goal...5 lbs, then 10 lbs, etc.... I treated myself to something I didn't have when I was dieting. Yeah it was with food, but I figured I had lost a certain number of pounds and a small treat was fine!

When I reached bigger marks, I treated myself with a new piece of clothing....and it was in a smaller size which was encouraging.

I didn't reward myself every time I lost weight, only at bigger milestones, however it helped!

WAY TO GO!! I am on a weight loss hiatus :)