Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Concert Season is coming

Was it just me or did you get an insane amount of notifications from Ticketmaster this month for summer concerts?  Def Leppard, Jimmy Buffet, Journey, Zoo Concert Series, Poison, omg!

We have committed to Def Lep of course, Darius Rucker (Hootie if you are keeping it real), and Bob Seger THIS Saturday.  I am sure more will come up. I love the ones where you get more bang for your buck and several old bands have teamed up.  Plus, the people watching is priceless.  Also - we are going to see GREASE! at the Valentine (girls only).

What upcoming shows are you seeing?


Anonymous said...

Ray LaMontagne in c-bus :)and maybe U2. Can't wait for summer!

wrestling kitties said...


Oh how I loooooove concert season!

We planned two concerts before we knew I was pregnant. We are going to see RUSH! I am so flipp'n excited about this. (Plus it will be the piglets "first" concert - we will raise this kid liking GOOD music!)

Later that month we are going to see My Chemical Romance. I have always wanted to see them and think it will be a fun show!

There have been a couple other concerts that we know are coming up, but we decided with the baby on the way that we should hold off on concerts, but let me tell you our movie viewing calendar is FULL this summer! Harry Potter, Thor, The x-Men one.....AAAAAHHHH!

Sarah said...

Rush! for sure.
Lady Antebellum, probably.

and that's all that's planned for now. ;(

Ellius said...

I have Rush and My Chemical Romance, but I know that I will be looking for more shows later in the summer.

Amber said...

I want to see Ray LaMontagne with Anonymous and My Chemical Romance with Ellius!

For now, I've just got Lady Antebellum on my list.