Tuesday, March 22, 2011

5 Hour Energy Drink

How annoying are these commercials?

You make it...you wait for it?

Come on!  Anyone that is a professional coffee drinker has it on an automatic timer and LOVES waiting for a good cup of coffee.  If you don't drink it every day, you actually enjoy going to get it at Starbucks (and will pay for it) because it is a treat and it tastes amazing.  5 hour energy?  Disgusting.  No one drinks that garbage on a daily basis. 

I have consumed these little shots of energy and they make my stomach hurt but they do make you stay awake (on long drives, etc...).  But these commercials are making me crazy!


B. said...

I love brewing coffee it smells so good. I will wait.

$2+ for an ounce of liquid that isn't going to get me drunk seems like a waste.

wrestling kitties said...

I miss coffee more than I should. I love the smell when it is brewing and the taste. SO GOOD. Decaf just isn't the same so I hardly drink it.

I would NEVER drink those 5 hour energy drinks and you are right, the commercials are annoying. Terry drinks them sometimes when he has work and class from 6am - 10pm and needs a pick me up....but to drink every morning in place of coffee is just silly.

I don't think these are good for you at all.