Tuesday, February 15, 2011

There are no words...

My good friend sent me this blog in an email with a simple message:  "You will love this."

Ah, yeah.  I do.  Simply - it's amazing. 

What I said in my mind (actually, I am most certain it was out loud) was GOOD GOD!  LOOK AT THIS STUFF.  Food porn.  Seriously.  I love the title - Food Gawker - it is so appropriate for anything this indulgent.  You will get lost in the web of blogs and you will be happy about it.  I have already started reading Bake at 350 almost every day (although I think it is making me gain weight).

If you need to bake something incredible or if you are dangerously underweight, please help yourself to an hour of this gorgeous website.

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wrestling kitties said...


That food looks amazing! I too just gained 5 pounds looking through that website. These put to shame the misshaped cupcakes I made yesterday!

I really want to try those red velevet cupcakes. YUM.

Awesome site.