Saturday, February 19, 2011

Poo-Poo Platter?

This could possibly qualify for my new People are Crazy segment, but it was too good not to share and, technically, I did not have a conversation with this, uh, individual.

Salsarita's - Dussel Drive (which is excellent, by the way.  Well, again, technically I didn't eat there, but the menu and food looked delicious and the Corona was to die for.)

I was having a meeting with my professionals group and I see a man, woman and their baby at the table across from me.  The man puts the baby on the table and starts changing it's poopy diaper - ON THE TABLE.  No mat, no napkins, no poop barrier against which we eat our tacos.  I could actually see the poop in the diaper.

I couldn't carry my meeting on.  I just looked at my committee member next to me and he was looking at the poop-bandits too.  "Are you seeing this?"  "Uh, yeah," he was more grossed out than I was.  I was more shocked and enraged. 

My question was - WHO DOES THAT? 

Next question - where was the manager with the BLEACH?

Never have I ever seen anyone change a poopy diaper on a table in a restaurant.  Moms - give me your thoughts.  Jeff - I know you want to weigh in on this one as you were an eye-witness. 


Sarah said...

Completely uncalled for. Not necessary. AT ALL.

I would be embarrassed to do it.

Traci said...

um. gross.
that is never acceptable.
i'm sure the restroom had a changing table.

some people should need a license to be parents.

Sassytimes said...

That's gross.

Did the restroom have a changing table? When my first was a baby, a restaurant we dined at did not have a changing table OR any counter space to change a diaper. We pondered laying her down on a changing pad on the seat of the booth, but then decided not too and changed her in the car in the freezing cold. It wasn't poop though...


Ky • said...

I'm appalled.

These are trashy people.

I don't care if you have to TAKE your baby out to your CAR and change him/here there - how is changing your child's diaper on a TABLE in a PUBLIC RESTAURANT even an option?

As Traci said, licensure for parenting should be mandatory.

I live in Mexico and there is nary a changing table to be found. Guess what? I have a BIG ASS changing pad that I can put on the counter in a bathroom and change my ladies there.


This repulses me.

Did you complain?

Lauren Tracy said...

Lol, I change Henry in my car on a mat when we are in public. I can't even use those changing stations in the restroom! That is one of the most repulsive things I have ever heard/read!

Anonymous said...

EWWWWWWWWW!!!!!! I've changed my babe a million times in the back of my car, not even the seat part the back back because really, who wants that on their car upholstery either?

People continue to amaze me with their trashy ways, and yes, the manager could have either come over and told them about the changing station in the bathroom, or at least after they were gone went about doing some "deep" cleaning of that table, and when I mean "deep", I mean move it out back.

Iris Took said...

@ Sassytimes - The bathroom was ill-equipped to change a baby. No table and the sink was a stand alone and no counter.

@ Two Pretzels - I didn't complain directly to a manager but we made a decent commotion.

B. said...

I could see changing it on the table to make your point that there is insufficient accommodations in the restrooms. I personally wouldn't do that, but sometimes you have to cause a commotion to get things changed.

Jeff Schaaf said...

I did not get to witness this first hand as my back was to the table. The faces of everyone who got to see it first hand were priceless. Thankfully, the baby did send a shot onto my back.

I did make a comment to one of the workers. They were immediately pulling out the bleach to thoroughly clean the table.

Salsarita's rocks, and I highly encourage any and everyone to try it. Let's just hope the hillbillies don't make another appearance.

wrestling kitties said...

Gross. Absolutely disgusting.