Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mr. Sunshine

ABC's new show Mr. Sunshine featuring Matthew Perry (who can only be known to be as Chandler) premiered last night.  I wanted to watch it since I am in the event industry and knew it would be amusing/interesting/I could relate.

It was ok.  Eh.  Just ok.  I think this show follows the same kind of self-absorbed, "it's all about me" story line and characters that I don't find amusing.  We have the Jersey Shore for that.

I really wanted someone to freak out.  There was an ELEPHANT loose in the building and people were just shrugging it off or quipping about it.  I was yelling - OH COME ON!  In the real world...the shit would hit the fan.  I understand this is a SHOW, but this is my blog and these are my feelings.

The character of the arena owner was pretty good though.  I like a crazy lady in charge - that makes me laugh.  More of her please. 

Moving on (or jumping backwards if we are speaking chronologically), did you watch Modern Family?  This show continues to deliver phenomenal episodes that entertain!   I have been hearing the overuse of this word - phenomenal - and it is rather irritating because most Subway subs are not phenomenal, most dance moves are not phenomenal, that girl's hair is definitely not phenomenal, but this show I do happen to find, yes, phenomenal.  Phil and Claire, Mitchell and Cam!  I love it.  Keep bringing it Mod Family but cut out that crap where Manny likes Hayley.  Ew.


Wendy said...

I love Modern Family! It makes me laugh out loud. Mitchell and Cam are hilarious!! I could only watch a few minutes of Mr. Sunshine before flipping the station! Instead I watched a Nova show about a computer being built with so much knowledge, reasoning and logic skills that it can play an actual Jeopardy game. It was rather interesting!

Erika Jean said...

I love modern family, and the show before that and cougar town! They are all great. Mr. Sunshine kinda sucked though

wrestling kitties said...

I LOVE MODERN FAMILY! One of my favorite shows on TV!

I don't think I will watch Mr. Sunshine, there is something about Matthew Perry I do not like. My other favorite comedy is How I Met Your Mother. Very much relates to our age group. LOVE it.

(Yes, I felt uncomfortable with the whole Manny/Hayley thing)