Monday, February 14, 2011

The iPod Shuffle

Last night my iPod needed a little juice before my workout, so I plugged it in, like normal, and let it charge for about 10 minutes.  I hit the eject and left for the gym.  After I got to the gym, selected the cleanest elliptical, get it sprayed down, filled up my water canteen, etc...I noticed my iPod was not playing.  I looked down and it screamed at me in all caps....





 Everything is gone?!?!  WTF just happened?  My first thought was that there was NO WAY IN HELL ON A SUNDAY NIGHT I could workout without music, but I pulled myself together and focused on how angry I was and made it through somehow.  It's not like you can call Apple support and some nice person will gladly help you through your woes.  Although part of my making it thorough was mentally yelling at someone.  Is that healthy?  Let's pretend it is.


I would guess that Apple is now cracking down on any and all music not actually purchased via iTunes and I most certainly had some of said tunes from for-ev-er ago, and raise your hand if you don't, but I still don't know how it erased EVERYTHING on my iPod.

My library has everything I paid for on iTunes, but still I have to star over with playlists and music from CDs.  That is hours of work and years of what I would consider progress.

Sigh.  Let's look at this as a new beginning....yeah, a new beginning.  An annoying, maddening, new beginning....


B. said...

Damn that sucks, Apple makes some nice products but I don't agree with some of their practices. It isn't their spot to police my music.

wrestling kitties said...


So anything that you put in itunes from a CD that you burned could be erased?! Please clarify.

I ask because Terry just got an ipod and has spent HOURS burning CD's and putting them into itunes. He will go crazy if it is deleted. I can't believe that only music you actually purchase must be on your shuffle/ipod. That is crazy.

I am sorry about your shuffle, that BLOWS!

Iris Took said...

WK - to clarify:

The music I put on from PURCHASED CDs remains on my iTunes.

The music I PURCHASED from iTunes remains on my iTunes.


Nothing I downloaded from limewire or net-whatever is there. Nothing I uploaded from a "mix" CD remains on. I click on the song and an "!" appears and tells me that the song cannot be located.

I get it! No more free music - but to get rid of what I had is crazy. REPO SQUAD!

Iris Took said...

Also - I have a regular iPod, not a shuffle. I just called it the iPod shuffle for a clever title. Get it - like it pulled a fast one on me?

wrestling kitties said...

HA! I totally get it :)

Terry definitely has some "other" music on his iPod, so I will have to let them know. Seriously, who do they think they are....stupid Apple.

And thank you for clarifying!