Friday, February 4, 2011

The Big "Game" and the Big FOOD

Have you noticed that most commercials and advertisements will not come out and say "Superbowl" party or snacks, drinks, etc...

They all say, "Game Day" or "Big Game" and not the actual Superbowl.  I bet it is copyrighted therefore no one on the planet can use it except for the NFL.  Let's hope I am not getting fined.

On a separate note, we have been watching all the food network shows about "GAME DAY" foods to prepare and they have some amazing creations.  I have also come to the realization that watching foods is not helping me lose weight.  I get so excited about recreating the food myself that it is causing me to continue to obsess over food.  I basically have food on the brain...constantly.  But cooking is SO DANG FUN.  It is like art and creating amazing tasting art is a fantastic hobby.  The cleaning part is the bummer.

I need to take a break from Man vs. Food (oh, how I love Adam Richman), Grill it with Bobby Flay, The Iron Chef, No Reservations, The Barefoot Contessa, Good Eats, Cupcake Wars.....see?   I secretly hate Giada now since she sashays around her kitchen and makes all her food so damn sexy!  Stop opening your mouth so big and rolling your eyes into the back of your's not THAT good.  It's not.

Are you into cooking shows?  Do you actually attempt what they showcase?  I love it - it's a fun challenge that has a tasty reward.  Stupid cleanup....Maid please!


Trophy Life said...

i too have been enjoying cooking shows lately. for some reason, watching Paula Dean use all that butter in her dishes catches my attention! aside from Rachael Ray's voice, i actually respect that she uses relatively easy ingredients (it makes me feel like i too create amazing dishes with simple ingreds.).

happy game day cooking! let us know what you prepare.

Iris Took said...

TL - We made some amazing things -

Guy Fieri's pizza dip (ahhh - with FRIED pepperoni), loaded potato skins, potato balls, cheese dip, chili, grilled hot dogs, buffalo chicken dip, people brought desserts including a GIANT cookie cake. It was awesome.

wrestling kitties said...

Your food sounds amazing.

I love cooking shows! (And that is why I can't stay on a diet!!)

I couldn't even begin to list all the cooking shows I watch. Food network or the Cooking Channel are always on. Love the ideas.

We did buy BW3 wings because my dad wanted them but I made these awesome loaded potato skins, chicken nachos but made a cheese sauce with green chilies, pigs in a blanket, dessert, and a few other small items. SOOOO GOOD!