Sunday, January 23, 2011

Lazy Sunday Poll

Who still has their Christmas Tree up? 

Come on, admit it.

ME.  HAHAH!  It's coming down today....and I'm sad.  I love it.


Jill Marie said...

Took mine down a week after Christmas...but my outside decorations are still up :)

Trophy Life said...

:( i did not put one up this year (which i even hate to admit) - life was too busy and i wouldn't have gotten to enjoy it.

i do believe that putting the tree up and enjoying is MUCH better than taking it down. it always feels so bare.

Erika Jean said...

um... yeah, we didn't get ours up either!

Mickey D. said...

We took ours down today too!

I hate it when Christmas/Christmas season is over. Our house is a little bit sadder today.

Sarah said...

HA! Mine has been down for awhile, but I'll admit that there are still a few decorations floating around my house.

wrestling kitties said...

I took ours down last weekend and was sad to do so. I would leave it up a lot longer if we had room in our house! I love looking over and seeing a tree lit up with our cats laying underneath....LOVE IT.