Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A few small updates

Nothing earth-shattering....here's a few things from me:

1)  I fell asleep in my parked car today.  I was feeling tired on the way back to work so the moment I shut off my car, my body also shut off....for 20 minutes.  I must have looked like Bernie a la Weekend at Bernie's. 

2)  At the grocery store last night, the young gentleman was surprised to find gum and a pen in my re-usable bag.  I just laughed and asked him if he'd seen the commercials where folks get paid in Trident Layers, you know, to be friendly.  He scoffs at me and says, "I don't watch television."  Oh COME ON!    Who doesn't watch TV and who actually says TELEVISION.  Nerds.  That's who.

3)  I freaking love Costco.

4)  We are getting married in 9 months.  Wow.

5)  Teavana Tea and accessories are amazing.  I don't know how I ever drank black tea out of a bag but I never will again.  Teavana may be expensive, but it is sooooo worth it.  Drinking currently:  Oolong Yumberry.  Want:  Peach Tranquility.

That's all for now!


Brooke Haudan said...

soooooooo like how much would one of thoses tea jars set ya back? jus curious....

Written Permission said...

I laughed out loud at your grocery store conversation. What a socially-awkward doof! :)

Nadja said...

Well I laughed out loud at your Weekend at Bernie's reference. I could picture you perfectly. I saw a guy that looked like Benicio del Toro in a Santa costume passed out in a car once. I laughed and laughed. I wonder if anyone laughed at you :)

Anonymous said...

Did you ever notice that people who say they don't watch TV are boring and arrogant? They never have anything to lend to a conversation when in a group.

Kate said...

I HEART Teavana! I have pineapple kona pop, samurai chai mate, lavender dreams, some kind of jasmine pearls and my morning mate. I've also tried fruta bomba and weight to go. All yummy! I just got a gift card for my birthday - I can't wait to use it!

wrestling kitties said...

I love that you fell asleep in your car, though I am glad it was once you were home!!

I wouldn't be friends with someone who didn't watch at least some TV. I mean, really?! No TV?! Boooo

9 months - YAY!!!!