Sunday, January 9, 2011

Docks sinking

Navy Bistro, The Courtyard (it's banquet facility), and Tango's are all closed officially.  How sad for Toledo and the Docks area of Downtown!  I hope that the city can get a few great restaurants in these vacant spots that will do well and attract people and boaters.  This is a huge blow for Toledo and if new ventures don't replace the vacant spots I think the Docks area will be a terrible disappointment.  It is a wonderful area and something that Toledo has going for us, something of which to be proud. 

The banquet facility was very nice, and a cool and unique property to have a wedding, not to mention one of the few places that utilizes the river.

Read the Blade's article here.


Sassytimes said...

This is so sad. It was also a great place to woo/entertain clients. I guess now you steer toward the smaller, warehouse type restaurants, but most are not that professional of a setting for a business lunch. I hope something moves back in there too...soon.

Ky • said...

I echo Sassytimes. This is SO sad.

The Courtyard was a lovely place and I ADORED the wedge salad at Navy Bistro. How sad.

Why, oh why, can we never get restaurants to remain open on the river?

wrestling kitties said...

I never really went to the Docks that often, but it is a big surprise and sad for Downtown Toledo.

TWO of the girls in my office each had weddings at one of the places in August. I know you got an email from one of them. (don't hold your breathe, she is going to Vegas instead) ugh. It is such a HUGE drama here and ALL they are talking about since it happened. (Insert eye roll) I get it, it is a big deal....but big picture as people have unexpectedly lost jobs. Plus, it is still 8 months away and other vendors are out there.

But yes, it is sad.