Monday, January 31, 2011

Dinner for Schmucks

Worst movie ever.

Seriously - it was unwatchable and we had to turn it off mid-way through.

I can only handle the awkward, mess up your life, misunderstanding, kind of "humor" so much.  I like a good action, drama, thriller, or comedy (that's actually funny).  There is too much unresolve and annoying in my work life that I don't want my entertainment to have that in it.

I am sick so that got the best of me and out of boredom today I watched the rest of it.  The only good part of this movie is the actual "dinner" part.  The rest may make you want to kill yourself.


Erika Jean said...

Lol. I'll be sure to stay away from that one!

Nadja said...

Holy cow! Really? The previews! They lie to me? But I love Steve Carell! I want Paul Rudd to love me! Zack Galifioiudsnkjdfgkis is great! How can this be??

Dare I try it myself??

Wendy said...

I totally agree! When we were watching it we kept thinking we just weren't getting it. It was horrible! You know what we did while it was on? Stuffed two bean bag chairs. So it was more just background noise.

Ellius said...

I went to see it in the theater, and I thought the same thing at first. The dinner was really the most funny part of the movie. Then I watched it again and it seemed funnier the second time around. I don't know how to explain this phenomenon.

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