Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I decided to be the Travelocity gnome! Deedeedeedededede!

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Friday, October 29, 2010

Carving pumpkins!

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Goonies 25th Year Reunion

YES!  Seriously, how many times have you seen The Goonies?  For me, I would say at least 50, full and partial.  I LOVE, love, love this movie.  Classic.  And don't tell me you don't think Brand is hot.  He is.  You had a crush on him as a kid.  Unless you are my little sister and had a crush on Data.  HA!

Check out pics from their 25th Year Reunion courtesy of my sister at Gossip Center.

Enjoy the pics and do yourself a favor, do the truffle shuffle, c'mon do it.....

Monday, October 25, 2010

Toledo - No Texting and Driving

My friend is a Sargent with the Cleveland Heights Police Force and was telling me that they just passed a ban on texting while driving.  I looked further into it and noticed Toledo has the same ban that was passed last year and put into effect Jan 1, 2010.  I must have forgotten about it.  Typically I do not text while driving.  Only at stop lights.  I'm not saying that's good but I am making an effort.

Read more info here on what cities have the ban in effect.

1st offense in Toledo is a $150 fine.  

I am wondering why this has not been passed at the state level?  How are people supposed to know and remember what cities they can and cannot text in?  I know, I know, we should not be doing it at all, but to properly enforce it, I would think we need the entire state on board.

Your thoughts on this?

CSI: Special Barbie Unit

On my walk/jog path around my neighborhood, there is this one house on a corner lot that has become a wretched fixation for me.  It's a mess.  I hate it.  It depresses me and frankly, it's a little scary sometimes.  I live in a family neighborhood where the majority of people take care of their houses and lawns and this one sticks out like a raper van.  Did I mention I hate it?

I am NOT the queen of clean and often struggle with my own organization, but this backyard is a pig pen.  When I walk by, I notice a new piece of junk every single day, whether it's new in the rotation or I have just now noticed it, I will never know.  This stuff is the kind of mess that creeps you out.  I hear that "dunk dunk" of CSI in my head when I walk by like it's a crime scene for dolls and Mariska Hargitay is about to pop out of the house. 

Here is the kind of sh*t is in the yard:
  • Standard toys like trucks, balls, bats, and bikes
  • Cracked Taco Bell Cup
  • Legos
  • Dorito  Bag (sans Doritos)
  • Single human shoe
  • Single Barbie shoe (ick!)
  • Naked Barbie (this always bothers me...)
  • Hair brush
  • Pepsi Bottle
  • Pair of Jeans
  • Paper Plate
  • Glass (china) Plate
  • Yellow Rubber Glove (does it get worse than that?)
 I must mention that everything is COVERED with sand or mud so it seems like it has been there since dinosaurs roamed the earth.  I will update you with what I see next time I walk by.  It might be vomit.  My own vomit. 

Friday, October 22, 2010


Take a look at this wedding invite:

Call me a prude, but this is terrible.  The ball and chain term is funny for jokes and Halloween costumes, but for official wedding invitations?  This says to me, "I don't take this seriously and I don't respect myself."

Have I lost my sense of humor?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

HCG Shot

Have you heard about this?  Have you tried it?  I am NOT doing this so don't think that for a minute, I just want to talk about it and hear what everyone else thinks about the HCG Shot/Drop for Weight Loss.

According to what I have read, the HCG Shot was originally intended for fertility in women and men, administered by injection and it originated in the 50s.  What "experts" were finding was that it was causing dramatic loss in fat while maintaining lean muscle mass.   HCG stands for human growth hormone.  **NOTE**  I am obviously not a doctor and this is my blog so this is just a summary of what I have read and hear from several people that are either doing this or are going to try it.

Ok, back to the facts.

So, now that researchers know that this causes big weight loss, they have this plan laid out for success:
  • Take HCG in droplet form that you take under your tongue.  
  • Consume 500 calories a DAY
  • Eat only organic and avoid chemicals
  • I can't find the diet specifically but I have heard it is fruit, vegetables, lean meat and no carbs (obviously no alcohol and no soda).
Click here for one article. 

This website sells HGC Droplet and claims that it is homeopathic and that you won't be dizzy or weak with this product.  This website talks about the origin of this method and the doctor who invented it.  They also address the fact that is is controversial but go on to say that the controversy is "made out of thin air."

I did read some message boards and some posters reported amazing weight loss.  Others reported:
  • Hair loss
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Being winded
  • Extreme Exhaustion

You are not supposed to be on this diet for long periods of time - 45-60 days at the most.  This of for very overweight people but I can just see high school girls doing this before prom to lose 10 pounds to get to 90 - ugh.  DO NOT get me started on that train of thought. 

For me, this is a definite NO.  The 500 calories a day alone turns me off (I would not be able to exercise let alone function) but the growth hormone?  I am not even sure what that does to your body.  Not worth it.

What are your thoughts please?  We have been discussing this at work and I said I would put this on my blog because my blog friends are opinionated (in a loving way, of course).  I'd love your comments.

Toast Mosiac

A museum curator created this mosaic out of TOAST for her mother-in-law's birthday!  How cool is that?  Full article here

This kind of thing always intrigues me for several reasons:
1)  How long do you think it took to toast all that bread?
2)  How many pieces of toast do you think you would have eating in the process?
3)  How on EARTH does anyone know how to do this?
4)  Is there a chart of burntness for different parts of the face? 

I think this kind of art is so incredibly cool.  This story must have knocked something loose in my brain because it made me think of a story we read when we were kids called The Giant Jam Sandwich:

Have you read this ?  Basically, they baked an ENORMOUS loaf of bread and spread it with Jam and ate it.  There were helicopters involved.  Pretty awesome.  I might need to buy this book again for some light reading. 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Slash rules

Here's something that will make you freak out.  I really cannot put it into eloquent words how I feel about this clip so here it is - it's f***ing awesome.  Yes, sorry, but that's pretty much what I said when I watched this incredible clip of Slash playing the National Anthem.  Makes you proud to be an American.  Slash - you are amazing.

Don't forget to get Slash's new album!

Twitter - too popular for the peeps...and tweets

I tried to log onto Twitter today and this is what I got:

Twitter is over capacity.

Please wait a moment and try again. For more information, check out Twitter Status »

I love the whale being carried away by the birds.  VERY symbolic Twitter....

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I actually had to look this up after I saw it on WK's blog:

What is MUAH?

MUAH is "The sound of giving a kiss"

I have seen people put this in texts and on Facebook but I always thought it was like crazed-out laughing.  You know, maniacal, scheming laughter?  MUAH-hahahah!


Now it's ruined for me.  How is THAT a kiss noise?

Garlic ZOOM

Check this super fun, super easy, super nonfingersmelly kitchen gadget out!  Bob bought me this for my birthday and it's incredible!  It also makes a fun noise - which I love.  I absolutely hate chopping garlic and the pre-minced garlic in the jar is just not the same as the fresh kind.  You may purchase your own Garlic Zoom at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  Zoooom!

Monday, October 11, 2010


We had a pig roast over the weekend - if you have ever been to a pig roast you will know that they are not only really interesting, but also produce the most amazing pulled pork ever.  Unless you are vegetarian, then you will most likely hate this entire thing.

We took it to the next level, well, my sister Bob really took it to the next level by naming the pig ERNIE and putting the head on a steak.  Then, she carried it around all night and sort of danced with it.  Adding a cigarette was a nice touch.

Here's me kissing Ernie - guess who's holding the pole?  Yes, there was alcohol involved.

Friday, October 8, 2010

....aaaaaand now about dieting....

Haha!  This is my life.  I just posted about Tacos and then I recieved an email from Beachbody IMMEDIATELY - somebody's trying to keep me on track!

There was a list of suggestions in this newsletter, some good, some DUMB.  Here was the one that I thought was super dumb and I can't do. 

Find healthy versions of your favorite guilty pleasures. Stock your kitchen with those instead.  
Fight back: Craving ice cream? A creamy low-fat yogurt could hit the spot. Want the crunch of chips? Try snacking on fresh red peppers, sliced jicama, or baked kale chips (they're easy to make, and astonishingly tasty).
Pay attention to portion size. You don't need to eat heaping helpings. 
Fight back: If you absolutely must have ice cream, grab a teacup instead of a bowl. You'll get the taste you crave, but in a much smaller serving.

I was literally laughing out loud.  NO ONE in their RIGHT MIND that wants chips will reach for JICAMA and say, wow.  I'm satisfied.  No one even knows what jicama IS for cripes sake!

I am all or nothing.  I have to cut out dessert and chips entirely when I am dieting.  I can't count out 12 chips and be happy.  NO chips in the house when I'm trying to lose weight.  NO ice cream.  Weigh in days I maaaaay hit Handel's on the way home. 

But that's between me and my Jeep.

    San Marcos Grocery

    I have been meaning to post about this and what better day than FRIDAY!

    A few weeks ago, we ventured to SAN MARCOS Grocery on Broadway Street.  Folks, this is right by the High Level Bridge Downtown Toledo just so you get the picture.  I have been hearing from our Chef and Sous Chef at work that this place has the most amazing authentic Mexican Food in the city.  Iin fact, they even eat there once a week. 

    This place is a grocery store, a deli, and a hot counter that really does whip out the most amazing, authentic food.  It's called a taqureia which in Spanish mean Taco Shop (Kylee, please stop laughing at me).  You just sit down, if you can find a spot, find a "waiter," order, and hope for the best.  You sort of feel like an idiot the first time you go, but the next time is easier.  Danny ended up getting a burrito with beef tongue (not on purpose), but it WAS good.  I stuck with the chicken tacos with the corn tortillas - heaven!  We also ordered some kind of soup and I am still not quite sure what was in it, but we think pork and hominy.  Delicious.

    This food was so fresh and incredible, everyone MUST go to San Marcos.  Since it does not have a website (YES, it's THAT authentic), here's the information:

    Name: San Marcos Grocery
    Street: 235 Broadway Street
    Toledo, oh 43604-8801
    Phone: (419) 244-2373

    After your lunch/dinner, please peruse the store for fun Mexican groceries.  It's a gas (no pun intended).  The store has crazy things in it that you won't see at Kroger like Jesus candles, and you can also find lots of fun and international sodas like Fanta and coconut water.  This is great for adventurous eaters! 

    Thursday, October 7, 2010

    Powerful Women: The Forbes List

    Forbes published yesterday the WORLD'S 100 most powerful women.  Michelle Obama tops the list at number ONE, followed by Irene Rosenfeld (CEO, Kraft Foods), and then then Oprah, the top three are no shockers.  Click here for full the list, Click here for the gallery.

    What does not necessarily shock me, but rather disappoint me is that LADY GAGA and BEYONCE are in the top ten.  WHAT?  People, this is an international list, can we really say that Lady Gaga is in the top ten?  How sad is our world that just because we are forced to know who Lady Gaga IS because she and her music* are shoved in our face she lands the top ten of most powerful women?  Pop culture is powerful but COME ON.  Wearing a meat dress vs. being the First Lady?  I don't really like the Oprah show itself, but I can fully admit that Oprah is an amazing person and a powerful mogul.  Cone-shaped bras and weird sunglasses?  We've seen that before.

    An article I found on Yahoo! quoted:

    In compiling this year's list, the magazine said it opted to "look up and out into the broader culture."
    "Our assessment is based less on traditional titles and roles and more on creative influence and entrepreneurship."

    That criteria makes me feel better but still, this is my blog, and I needed to get my opinion out.

     *PS If Lady Gaga's peeps are reading this blog, I do like her music and listen to it regularly for working out purposes or on a party bus.  It's catchy.

    Wednesday, October 6, 2010

    Kenneth for Attorney General

    Every morning on my way to work, I pass a giant sign for Richard Cordray, Ohio's current attorney general, who is seeking re-election.

    I could not get past his blatant resemblance to Kenneth the Page Boy from 30 Rock.  It's uncanny.  No disrespect to Mr. Cordray but, really, have you noticed?  You decide.

    Richard Cordray

    Kenneth Parcell

    Cork Trivet!

    This is so cool!  My mom bought me this for my birthday - a cork trivet!  This is fun for so many reasons:
    1)  It's recycling
    2)  It's an art project
    3)  It's use-able
    4)  It's wall art
    5)  It's fun

    This is a wonderful gift!  Check it out here.

    Tuesday, October 5, 2010

    As seen in the mall

    It's like one of those Jay Leno things!

    Wedding Progress

    I have not posted in a while so I thought I would bring it back with a BANG!

    I feel like we just got engaged and then I looked at the calendar and realized - that was three months ago, and THEN I looked at the calendar and realized - we have a year to go to the wedding!  I hear it goes fast, so naturally, I have almost all my vendors booked, like a crazy person like an organized person.  Many of you have been asking, "How's the wedding planning going?"  Thank you for asking friends!  Here is how it is going:

    Church:  Booked - St. Patrick's Historic
    Venue:  Booked - Stranahan/Great Hall
    DJ:  Booked - Decorative Sound
    Caterer:  Booked - Michael's
    Chair Covers:  Booked - Alice with I DO Chair Covers (we will not be tying or untying - thanks Alice!)
    Transportation:  Hmmm - Elmore Trolley??  I found a trolley for a great deal out of Elmore but I have not been able to reach them all week to ask about how much the deposit it.  Makes me nervous. We recently took a ride in a limo bus that had a TV in it from Limo Toledo and it was the shizz.  Think that's the way to go.
    Florist:  Meeting to be scheduled with Hafner.  I met Beth recently and she's awesome.  Gorgeous work.
    Photographer:  Meet with Christin of Blue Martini Photography last Saturday.  She was so awesome and I felt like we were old friends. She didn't even flinch when I saw a friend (we met at Panera) and he proceeded to tell her what a maniac I had been the night before.  She rocks.  Sent deposit.  Excited!
    Cake:  Toledo Zoo's Timberline Bakery!  Amazing cakes and cookies, I have ordered so many desserts from the bakery and they have all been incredible and delicious.
    Videographer:  Because I loathe seeing myself on video, I absolutely am avoiding this.  I have a few in mind, but this does not thrill me.  Am I alone here?
    Photobooth:  I would really like this and have a quote from a few companies.  We, of course, like to keep it real and support local business.  Most photo booths are outrageous and come from out town.
    Officiant:  The hunt is on.  We had a few in mind but the two that we had personal connections with are booked for our date.
    Dress:  I need until Nov. 1 on my Tony Horton plan until I am ready for that mess.  
    Bridesmaids Dresses:  I tried to get some awesome chocolate brown ones from J. Crew that I though were on sale, but they were not.  Not one bit.  $260 seems to be too pricey for a dress.  The "on sale" price was $65.  Dang.  We have time.....right?
    Last but not least, the DATE:  October 2011.  I was told not to publish the date so no one robs my house.  I will tell you later or I will tell you if you email me - just don't rob me.

    I have the best groom in the world!  He is involved but wants me to be happy with all decisions so ultimately he wants me to decide.  How great is that?  Not to get all smushy, but besides the wedding hoop-la, I just am so happy to be getting MARRIED, the actual part where we get to be together forever.

    That's all for now!  I don't want to share all my secrets!  Thanks for listening.  Send me your feedback/ideas/what you did/what you would have done differently at your own nuptials.