Friday, May 28, 2010

Why does time go so fast when you're having fun yet so slow when you're not?

Time also goes by when you are really busy - like at work - and technically that's not fun. "AAHH - it's 5 and I need more time!" Ever have that problem? I do all the time.

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Is there anyone else on this here Formspring thingie that I should be following? I'm following Amber, TheGrumbles, WrittenPer, TwoPretzels, SassyTimes, WrestlingKittie, TurtleParade, and IrisTook. Anyone else out there I don't know about?

This is a good question too - I wonder if FMSPG is going to blow up like Facebook?

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What's one of your earliest memories?

Roos! I remember having purple Roos and hiding a penny in the pocket.

OK so say I've decided to not let annoying people bother me anymore. That might mean I have to un-friend some peeps. Do I just ignore them, or do I tell them off and tell them I'm quitting them? What would you do?

I wish I could be more tough here and I actually need advice in this category. I have a guilt complex and I hate it.

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Of all the shows you watch (or have watched) faithfully, what's the one you hate admitting to? (I'll get things started: The O.C.)

Oh man, I really loved Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I also watch really dumb things like Rock of Love (terrible!), Charm School, and anything having to do with the Kardashians (I love to hate them).

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

24 - Series Finale

1)  I am having a hard time writing this - the last one - the last review - ever.  Sigh.  The show has ended and I am sad.  Yeah, yeah, I know there's a movie.  That doesn't make Monday night any less depressing for me.  This has been the best show ever.  Action, plotting, politics, yelling, running, shooting, drug cartels, torture, international thieving, and almost no smooching on screen.  Certainly no cameras following privileged young girls while they spends daddy's money.  It was amazing.  It's what television should be.  Now what are we going to watch?  Thank you 24 - thank you Kiefer.  I will miss you.

1) [(this is 1 for real, that was 1 sidebar)]  Pillar is such a scumbag.  Who follows orders from a turkey-neck weenie like Logan?  Jack hijacked his car and it was impressive.  He forced Pillar to stitch him up!  Classic Jack.

2)  Chloe is quite amazing.  She actually shot Jack to save his life.  That was pretty intense.  Not that I was shocked that Jack choked her out, but Chloe really was having a tough day too.  When Jack put the gun to his head I just about screamed out loud.  I loved when that putz Pillar searched her and she retorts, "Enjoy yourself?"  HAHA!  PS - Jack pulled a Mike Tyson on Pillar!  Take that!  HA!

3)  If Dahlia Hassan got into a fight with a pitbull I bet she would win just by using her eyes.  Wow.  She's fierce.  I was nervous the entire time she and Taylor were together.  Suvarov, you're a real piece of work.  I like how he can just stand there waiting to sign the treaty and act casual.  Way to stand your ground Dahlia, and way to finally do the right thing Allison.

 4)    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU writers for not bringing Kim in to ruin the show's ending.  Lord help us, thank you.

5) How ridiculous was it when Pillar's field agents came in to arrest Chloe and Cole?  Why did not one listen to Chloe who was running the operation?  That drove me crazy.

6)  Sniper Jack!   I thoroughly enjoyed watching Jack make Logan sweat under the periscope.  Logan is such a liar and a bastard that he deserved to be shot, but I am glad that Jack didn't have that on his conscience.  I particularly enjoyed when Bauer told him he was an excellent liar.  Jack actually smirked.  I enjoyed the smirk.  Seeing Logan sweating "bullets" though the scope was hilarious.  I was actually chuckling.  Then he goes crazy and kills his protege?   

7)  Logan is such a renob that he cannot even commit suicide properly.  Hey Chuck, go jump off the balcony!

8)  Decent ending, but I really feel like Jack's never going to have peace.  Not that I wanted him to die, but fleeing the country?  He did that before.  I certainly didn't want him to end up in jail, and it was very noble of Taylor to tell him to hit the highway, but I just feel let down.  I was sad for Chloe.  Nervous because Jack needs medical attention, but as we all know, he will make it - he's Jack Bauer.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sniff. My favorite smell on earth is lilacs. What's yours?

Sorry WP, you asked me this 3 days ago. I love nature and food smells. Grass, skunk, flowers. Garlic, cake/cookies baking, and lemon squeeze.

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If you won $10,000, but had to give it to a charity, which charity would you give it to?

I would have to do a little more research, but definitely a local charity. I am all about keeping it local and I know that a Toledo-based charity could really use that kind of money and they could make it really work for them!

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Softball Season

Softball started last night which is why I have not blogged about the SERIES FINALE of 24.  Don't worry, I am watching it tonight and I am totally and absolutely nervous.

Anyway, I joined a new league only knowing my friend and her husband.  This is always awkward.  Making new friends as an adult.  Infiltrating the "group" as an outsider.  You have to basically rely on your softball skills to win you over.  It went ok.  Could have went better, but at least I got a few hits and did a decent job in the field.  No one booed me off.

That may be due to the fact that this is a Christian Church league!  I had no idea that I was getting into a holy roller team before I signed up.  On one hand, it is a nice change from Scott Park where the Wolf Pack intimidates the stirrup socks off of you because their women hit like men and the men play like, well, they are scary.  They drink and smoke chronic in the parking lot before and afterwards and still beat you by 20 runs.  20 high runs.

On the other hand, I like a little rowdy.  I like when there are 3 other games going on and you know the other "players" from the other bar teams.  I take comfort that there is a bathroom at an organized diamond and I could get a hotdog and a slushy if I wanted to.

Sooooo, this is a different pace for me.  No swearing.  We pray afterwards.  No one knows the score.  Oh well.

Perhaps this is a good lesson for me and maybe I need to take my heat down a level.  But I feel like I need the intensity.  I have a lot of pent up energy (anger) and need to exercise (vent) and it helps to do that on the field.  Plus, I usually play with my Dad and I am Dad-less.

Dad, we are forming a power-team next year.  We are getting sponsored by a bar, and then drinking there afterwards.  Plus, I want people to yell during the game.  Not necessarily AT other people, but just yell.  It's embarrassing to be the loudest person on the field and also the newest.  Rowdy is good.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Friday, May 21, 2010

Favorite Jim Henson Muppet? (I am rather fond of the Swedish Chef, Gonzo, Rowlf and The Count!)

I really admire Animal - he's a riot and has great lines in all the Muppet's Christmas songs (basically he yells in the background). I do a killer Miss Piggy impersonation.

Ask me anything

Is there a smell you remember from your youth that whenever you smell it as an adult it takes you back to your childhood and makes you happy?

There are many and I feel like most of them are gross/weird.
Skunk reminds me of the country and going up to the lake.
Cheese/musty reminds me of the meat cooler at Nana's store. I love skunk smell.

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Do you want to be in a flash mob with me and Mickey Dee/Michelle? Dance skills aren't required.

HA! What in the world is a flash mob? Is it a mob where we earn beads? Is it scandalous?

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Are you still friends with your first real boyfriend? And by real boyfriend I mean someone that you actually went out on dates with not just someone you went "steady with" in middle school.

Absolutely not.

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Are you afraid of clowns?

Not terrified but I don't love them, like I would never decorate a room with them or collect memorabilia.

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I think we should plan a blogger get-together. I want to meet all of the wonderful peeps I've gotten to know through the blog-o-sphere. If we did a get-together, would you come?

Definitely. Meeting-0-the minds. Summer??? At a bar?? When Kylee is home?

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Do you eat breakfast every morning?

YES! Without fail.

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Did you perm your hair in the 80s/90s? I used to perm my BANGS people! Ugg. To see pictures now, man, it's terrifying.

Actually, this is a good one. I REVERSED permed my hair in the 8th grade, meaning my mom and I got a box of Olgive, applied it and combed my hair until it was dry. Result - terrible, terrible enormous triangle hair a la Patty and Selma Bouvier. Curls came back in about 6 months.

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I just signed up for this and I got behind.  I am answering a ton of questions now.

Have you ever had a knock-down, drag-out fight with a friend? (Punching optional.)

HAHA! Yes. Although I have not punched a friend.

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Your name. Do you like it? Why or why not?

I do like it. I have to really enunciate it on the telephone because it tends to sound like Polly, or Kelly, or Holly. However, I LOVE my nickname, een. It's the BEST.

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What's your favorite movie quote?

I don't have ONE favorite, but rather many. I have a weird knack of being able to remember movie lines.

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Retaurant Review: Carraba's

To celebrate my cousin Amy's birthday, we met at Carraba's Italian Grille last night.  Having never been there before, I was expecting a run-of-the mill chain-type Italian place - I was pleasantly surprised.  Features of Carraba's:

  • Nice atmosphere with artistic antique style "family" photos on the walls, a wood-fired brick oven for pizza, and wooden trellises and beams on the ceiling.
  • Professional and helpful staff.  The floor manager came over, introduced himself and asked if we needed anything (refilled water, refreshed bread).  Our waitress was also well trained and appropriate.  "May I take this?"  Never - "Ya done munchin on that?"  Pet peeve.
  • Bread - check.  Herb infused olive oil for dipping - check.  Tasty.
  • The meal was excellent!  I ordered a small salad, Mediterranean style and it was so fantastic.  For my entree I asked for the crab cakes appetizer.  Not only was it the perfect amount but the crab cakes were more crab than cake and very light (not oily or deep fried).  
  • WINE WEDNESDAYS boast $10 off any bottle of wine!  Any bottle!  Plus, you can get a bottle and should you not finish it, they can reseal it and you can take it with you so you are not in violation of open container.  Riiiiiight,  like you wouldn't finish the bottle. 
  • I took a birthday cake in and without even asking, the staff at the door, offered to put it in the back until I gave them the signal, the signal!, and said they would bring it out for us.  They even offered to adorn the cake with birthday candles!  I had them already but good to know for next time.  AWESOME!  The signal, I love it.

Needless to say, I had a wonderful experience and would definitely go back.  Food was good but the service was top of the line and I appreciate that.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Twitter does have a purpose

I just started following Axl Rose.  His comments are insane.

I love everything about it.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What was the happiest moment in your life?

I'm not good with the "pick one thing and go with it." I have a lot of happy moments in my life and they just keep coming.

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Who's the sexiest man alive?

Right now - Hugh Jackman. Also fun to say - Huge Ackman.

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If you could be on the cover of any magazine, which would you choose?

Time. If I were on the cover of Time, it would mean I had done something noteworthy that had positively impacted others.

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24: 1:00-2:00pm

1)  Jack the ripper!  Jack is on a serious mission and I still don't see how he is getting out of this alive.  He takes the term "power suit" to another level.  What was that thing?  Adamantium?  Jack was a maniac in that tunnel and then he went medieval berserk with the fire poker on the Russians.  I am nervous for the series finale (2 hours) next week.

2)  How scared was Logan when Jack pulled him from the car? He squealed like a little pig and I have to say, I enjoyed it.  Actually I was thinking what a good actor that guy is because he really looked like he was soiling his shorts and about to cry.  That should teach him to leave his mouth open too long in an embarrassing fashion with intermittent tongue flick.  Punishable offense in my book.

3)  You would think, after almost and entire DAY without food, that stealing a vehicle full of delicious and nutritious bananas, Jack might grab one and eat it.  I would. Then I would ask for some peanut butter and make a sandwich.  "I need some PEANUT BUTTER!  NOW DAMMIT!  CRUNCHY!  NOW NOW NOW!  If you give me smooth so help me God I will pull this trigger.  One...TWO......."

4)  Tim Woods is not happy about killing Meredith's story and it's obvious he doesn't agree with the President's decisions but he's just gotta run with it.  How terrible would it be to work in high office politics? 

5)  Suvarov's behind the whole thing?  He and Logan need to get taken out by Jack.

6)  "I'm hanging up, you cannot stop me!"  Sloooooow reach for the phone.  "Here I go - watch me!  I am going to defiantly push the hang up button you blond life ruiner!"  Almost there, one more inch.  "I really mean it, I am seriously going to hang up on you Ms. Reed!  Watch out....."  Ugh. 

7)  PS - Meredith Reed - worst day ever.  Hassan dumps you, you get arrested, you get interrogated at CTU, Hassan gets killed, you get shot at, witness a gory torture/murder, get man-handled by Jack (not in a good way), and then get arrested again.  

6)  Do you think Cole has the guns to bring down Jack?  Me neither.

7)  Your predictions for the ending of the best show of all time?


I finally got rainboots - a must for this season.

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Rite Aid - the new emergency room

On Saturday, while perusing the self-tanner aisle, I overheard a young man asking the Pharmacist if he was, in fact, a pharmacist.  I became interested.

"Well, I am an intern, which means I will be done with school in one year.  I can try to help you."

This young dude was probably a college student based on his long gym shorts and JAKE'S t-shirt.  I thought he had a white paper bag on his hand but couldn't be know...because I was "reading" the self tanner instructions.

"Well, uh, I am not sure if I should go to the emergency room or not, can you tell me?"  The bag comes off.

"OOHH.  Uh, well, hmmm, I, a, hmmmm.  What'd you do son?"

"I cut it with a saw."

EEK!  SAW!  Ohh, no scent to this one.

"Yeah, should I get stitches or what?  Can I just get a big band-aid?"

"I, um. wellllllll, let's get the pharmacist over her.....CINDY!"

Calling in the big dogs!  I am so curious now.  Cindy wanders over.  She looks upset.  I grab a STAR and peer over it.  No self-tanner is this interesting.  My cover is blown.

"Yes.  Go to the ER."

"I don't have insurance."

"The hospital will figure something out."

So Cindy wanders away and the poor intern is standing there turning green.  I think he was more upset than Mr. Saw.

"Ok, what should I do now?"

GO TO THE ER!  Don't get involved, don't get involved....

"Let me show you where gauze and neosporin are.  You will need that until you get to the hospital so this doesn't get worse.  But let me stress again, you need to get this taken care of PROFESSIONALLY..."

At that point, they were coming down my aisle and I had to jump ship or else I would be caught.  Those folks at Rite-Aid sure are helpful.  Moral of the story:  don't wrap a paper bag around your cut hand (der!).

I don't get it

I see posts like this on facebook all the time and wonder, "Does your boss read this stuff?  Do your clients read it?  If so, do you know how high unemployment is?"

"My client just did me the service of informing me that their meeting room wasn't set up correctly. Um Hi stupid signed a contract AND a banquet event order that both specify the set up of the room. WHat am I missing here? It's not my fault if you DO NOT READ."
Now, don't get me wrong, we may THINK these things or talk amongst ourselves about them, but POST it to a public website where anyone can view it?  Let's use our brains people.  Or maybe let's look up the word "professionalism" in the dictionary today.  Don't worry - you can use the computer, God forbid we get out actual books.

Friday, May 14, 2010

The Boss

Seen at Domo on Reynolds

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The SOX-mobile

As I was driving Southbound down the trail at 10:45am this morning, I passed the official BOWERSOX motorcade on it's way downtown for her big events and to kick of "Bowerstock!"

How fun!

The super stretch black hummer limo had a ginormous AMERICAN IDOL decal on the side and even had a police escort.

Note:  I didn't take this picture, but it is Crystal in Toledo courtesy of our friends at

Tampa Wedding

Check out the link below from the Florida wedding I attended in April.  The photographer Carrie Wilde is super talented and here is her blog:

Kate and Brandon look amazing!  I had emailed the photographer and she was quick to reply and she took simply incredible photos.  Mine pale in comparison - check these out!

PS I did take the one above.  Love the palm trees.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

BD's Mongolian BBQ

Have you been to BD's Mongolian BBQ in Toledo yet?  Well I 5 times, and it is my new favorite restaurant.  I love this style of eating, you choose your own ingredients and then it is prepared freshly for you right in front of your face by really engaging, entertaining grillers

You can start out with a decent soup/salad bar, then you get your bowl.  Fill your bowl up with a variety of meat and seafood, veggies, then sauce and spices.  Your bowl is grilled to perfection and if you tip, they sing a song and make a really big deal about it.  There is also a GONG.  I tip every time.

Bonus:  this is healthy!  They barely use any oil on the grill as it is sprayed on (and because I checked online) and most of the sauces are 50 calories or less per ladle (which is nice because it is a finite measurement).  Click here to "make your own bowl."  Every time you click to add an ingredient, the menu updates with the nutritional content.  Genius!

Don't have any ideas of what would taste good?  Print out one of their signature recipes here

Desserts come in Mongo sizes and also mini sizes for $2!  Don't let that fool you though - the minis still have 300 some calories and 25 grams of fat (sad!). They are worth every bite.

Modern Family

Another great episode last night.  Best line of the show, again, by Phil.

"Let me just rock a hurricane.  Wait, you're too old."


Cougar Town is terrible but I continue to torture myself and watch it.  Courtney Cox is a narcissist. 

Monday, May 10, 2010

24: NOON-1pm

1)  Best line of the show,"  You think you know pain?  You don't know anything yet."

2)  Killer sale at Macy's.....

3)  Jack has really turned the corner.  Playing real life operation?  Yikes.  I have to admit, I really didn't like seeing our hero do stuff like that.  Not a fist-pumping moment, however effective his methods may be.

4)  Chloe is extremely astute and the best CTU agent of all time.  She better get a medal and a MEAL after today is over.   I also feel bad for Cole and I hope he gets cleared out of all this mess.  He also deserves a sandwich and a bathroom break.

5)  Pillar and Eden are creepy.  Eden?  WTF kind of a name is that?  A slutty one, that's what kind.  Garden of EDEN...come ON.  Ugh.

5)  LOGAN IS SUCH A BASTARD!  Need we say more?  I knew that was coming.  He needs some cement boots - gangster style.

6)  Ok, I will say more.  Did you see the previews for next week?  Jack actually takes that weasel hostage and boy does that little turd look scared.

7)  Jack sure seems like he's going off the deep end now.  He is acting cruel and crazy or maybe we have been protected before and this is how he acts at commercial breaks while we are getting popcorn.


Look!  My parents are building a pool! 

Friday, May 7, 2010

Jewelry for Sale!

Thank you to everyone that came to my Premier Designs open house Wednesday and Thursday!

I will be placing the jewelry order on Monday so if you would like to order anything, please let me know!

10 year anniversary...

...with my hotmail?  I received an email today from my friends at Windows Live that congratulated me for having an account that is now 10 years old.  Wow.  Then they gave me a little history about what was happening at the time I signed up:

Back around the time you started using Hotmail...
Windows ® 98
Windows® 98
Was the hot new operating system!
Broke every box-office record imaginable.

Cell Phones

Cell Phones
Were largely considered unnecessary and annoying!

Thanks for the blast from the bast hotmail!  Cell phones were considered unnecessary?  What?  I'll never let go....

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Modern Family

I hope you watch this fantastic show and if you don't, you can catch up FREE, online here

Last nights episode was entertaining as usual, with Manny as an adult in a child's body, Gloria with her fabulous accent, Phil and his carefree attitute, and Cameron in his loud clothing.

Best line of the show by Phil:

"Realtors are Ninjas in blazers."

LOVE it.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco De Beer-o

Americans will adopt anyone's tradition just to have an excuse to leave work early and party their faces off, myself included.  I love Cinco de Mayo and very much enjoy Mexican fare, Mexican beer, and Margaritas (although they give me terrible heartburn so normally I don't drink them...but I LOVE em!).  So have fun commemorating the Mexican Militia's victory over the French Army during the Battle Of Puebla 1862 tonight as you shoot Hornitos and try to get as many beads and little tchotchky maracas as possible.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

24: 11am-12pm

1)  Did you lose count at Jack's kill shots?

2)  Even for me, this episode was out of control.  So ridiculous and spiraling into nonsense. I cannot imagine a way that Jack can get out of this that does not end in his death or jail, neither of which I want for him and neither of which he deserves.  Although, he really is taking this renegade thing to heart.

3)  Logan continues to make the situation worse, putting his puppet in charge at CTU and putting the hit out on Jack, rendering Chloe helpless.  I hope Logan gets arrested.

4)  Taylor is out of her mind now too.  Has everyone lost it?

5)  Poor Cole.  At least Dana didn't waste him.  Can't say the same for the Bank employee.  What the hell was that stunning light thing?

6)  I mean, I was thinking Jack was going to knock Dana out, then danced with the idea that he was crazy and pissed enough to take it to the next level, but I was still shocked when he shot that witch point-blank.  Shocked.  Sad for Jack.  Glad she's dead.

I really am having a hard time with how this is going to end.  Let's hope those writers at Fox aren't going to let us all down.  Also, there is hope of a movie, see here.  The movie will not be in real time and will star Kiefer of course, Chole, and Audrey Raines!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Get back to the Driving Buddy


Main Entry: chor·tle
Pronunciation: \ˈchr-təl\
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): chor·tled; chor·tling \ˈchrt-liŋ, ˈchr-təl-iŋ\
Etymology: probably blend of chuckle and snort
Date: 1872
intransitive verb 1 : to sing or chant exultantly chortled in his joy — Lewis Carroll>
2 : to laugh or chuckle especially in satisfaction or exultationtransitive verb : to say or sing with a chortling intonation
chortle noun
chor·tler \ˈchrt-lər, ˈchr-təl-ər\ noun

Last night I attended a bachelorette party for my friend Gina who is getting married at the end of the month.  We had a great time, limo, drinks, shots, and since Gina sings with a local band, she knew everyone everywhere so we didn't pay cover and she was able to belt out some songs on stage.  It was a fun night.
I will tell you, however, that I was so irritated with our limo driver that all I could think about was blogging about it today and biting the crap out of my tongue as I was not the orgainzer.  Just a participant.  A silent, go with the flow, no opinion participant.  Wooo-hooo!   Shots!  Bite your tongue, bite your tongue.....
The driver was an older man and because this is my blog and because I bit the hell out of my tongue last night....creepy.  All the ladies were sitting on the porch having a nice time, drinking cocktails, saying how we knew Gina, you know the drill.  Well, Mr. Cummerbund shows up about 20 minutes early, comes up to the porch and makes his first mistake.
1)  He asks if he can come in and go to the bathroom.
The hostess of the party is backed in to a corner so of course she said yes, but I would have said hell no, please go at our first stop.  I was also thinking, why the hell didn't you stop BEFORE you got here since you had 20 minutes to spare. Whatever, it's not my party.
Next mistake, this one was the worst....
2)  We give Gina the gifts - the uncomfortable, phallic gifts and other personal things.  Note, I never give these types of gifts but instead will always give booze or something else useful.  I always "lose" my pecker straw.  I see no reason why we need to have a penis parade because someone is having their nuptials this month.  Crazy.  Mr. Cummerbund actually comes out onto the porch and stands directly in front of the bachelorette while she is opening her gifts, the whole while, chortling.  I was so uncomfortable and angry, I was expecting to turn green and rip out of my clothes at any moment.  "OH, wow, 500 ways to get off!  This book even has pictures!"  Chortle.  Chortle.
3)  Barely over this display of creepiness, we pile into the creepmobile and the speakers are blown.  The radio works, but it's making this crazy loud noise that sounded like windshield wipers on crack.  Oh well, let's just sing.
4)  No GPS.  He's from Detroit.  We'll just scream directions all night.
5)  The "coolers" we were promised were the size of a wonder bread sandwich with about 10 cubes of ice in them.
Gina didn't seem to have any less fun because she's pretty amazing like that and I will take a lesson from her in going with the flow, but if that was my party or if I was the maid of honor, there would have been some changes in our agenda that night.  Congrats again Gina, you rock and your voice always blows me away.