Thursday, April 29, 2010

Yark Stinks (instead of Love Stinks)

My sunroof stopped working oddly at the same time as my back windshield wiper so I took it to YARK on Central Ave. for repair.  My salesperson left my last dealership so I no longer have loyalty to Grogan's Towne although I was always treated very well there by their service department and NEVER had an issue. 

I dropped my car off on Thursday night 4/22 and said I would be back in town Sunday night 4/25 and we arranged for me to pick it up afterhours - great!  Here is what I was getting fixed:
1)  Sunroof
2)  Windshield wiper
Then he asked me if there was anything else.  Just any.little.thing.  Well, the door lock knob thingy that sticks up when its open and pushes down when it's locked was broken off and while not imperative, I thought, why not, i'm here!
3)  Knob

So Friday morning I get a voicemail saying my car is done but the knob won't be in until Monday and they will fix it then.  I called Monday morning (borrowed my sister's car for the day) to make sure the knob issue was being fixed and no answer so I left a message as I was instructed.  No call back so I called again at 3.  No call back at 5 so I called a manager and they put me on with another service rep. 

"Yes, this is Colleen....."  Blah blah blah in my most polite professional voice.  Basically:  Is my car done and why has no once called me back today?
"Yeah, it's done."
"Would you please check?  Are you just guessing or can you see the car from your chair?"
I'm annoyed.
"Hang on.........Yep I looked.  It's done."
"Thank you so much.  I appreciate the extra effort."

I go to get the car that night (Monday) and guess what?  I bet you can guess.....

The knob is not fixed.  Cussing by me in the Yark parking lot.

The next morning I get a TEXT! from Yark Service that says my part is in and I need to call and schedule an appointment for service.  WHAT?  Once second later I get a survey emailed to me. 

I filled it out. 

Oh yes.  And I used words like "disappointing" and "lie" and "mistake" and "jokers that work at Yark."  Just kidding, I didn't use that one, saved it for the blog.

I got a phone call, about ooooooooooooone hour after I emailed that nice survey in.  Still haven't connect with the service manager yet.  Please standby.

Vitamin Water ZERO

I have a bit of a cold, which is irritating since I had pneumonia this winter.  I feel like two months of sickness should entitle one to a get out of illness award for at LEAST a year.  No sniffles, no coughing, no snot.   No sir.


Vitamin Water Zero is where it's at people.  I have been downing this magic elixir for two days and I love it.  Actually, I think it's making me better to boot.  Regular vitamin water tastes like medicine and gives me heartburn.  Take the calories out and bam!  Marvelous tasting water AND vitamins?  I'm in.  All in.  Although I am not about to run out and be it's facebook buddy.  Ugh.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

24: 10am-11am

1)  Well, I have to say, I nodded off during this one because a) it was a little boring after what we've seen so far, and b) I have a sleeping problem and c) I hated this episode.

2)  Why does Taylor have to be such a mamby-pamby all of a sudden?  It's like Logan's a snake charmer and she's the serpent.  I want to smack that wiggle-waggle off his smarmy little turkey neck.  Traitor.  At least Ethan is standing up to her and this non-sense like he did when Ms. Slut USA was running the show last season.  I would feel bad for the President if I hadn't been so annoyed.  Or sawing logs.

3)  Why is immunity just thrown around like a free car wash if you get bad service at a car dealership?  Just give em immunity for them to talk?  Uh, how about tell them they won't get the electric chair, maybe let's start there. 

4)  Two amusing cameos:  Mr. White from Reservoir Dogs and Doug Dorsey from the Cutting Edge.  Toeeeeee Pick!

5)  Jack is too smart for anyone's games.  Ha!  I also really enjoyed his list of supplies/weaponry that he rattled off to his buddy like a lethal grocery list.  "Forget about what I did....they're just afraid of what I'm gonna do...."  YES!  Fist pump!

Let's hope next week is better.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Philly cheesesteak

Oooooooh yeah

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The Italian Stallion


Friends - I give you the Rocky stairs!

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

24: 9am-10am

1)  My bad - I should have posted this yesterday but I was like Jack myself, working all day with no bathroom breaks and no food (well, I ate, let's be serious)...

2)  Charles Logan is a villian!  He always looks like he is either going to make out with someone (barf) or his head is going to wag so much it might fall off.  He makes repulsive facial expression and we see his tongue far too often (double barf).  Also, he reminds me of a turkey.

3)  Where is Aaron Pierce?  This is the ONLY season he  has not been a part of and I feel we, rather, our country and perhaps Jack need him.  Is he still galavanting around with the former Mrs. Charles Logan?  Scaaaaandal!

4)  I do enjoy that Jack's presence disrupted the trial of Bazahev.  He just sat and stared that mobster down.

5)  Hey Dana how does your face feel after Jack slammed it into the TABLE?!?!!?  BOOM!  Amazing!  I think it's safe to say that we all felt a little victory when Jack bitch-slapped that bitch.  Bitch.

6)  I don't like that President Taylor is even in talks with Logan - he cannot be trusted.  He is a weaselly little slug and is turning the President against Jack who does nothing but fight for his country and has been nothing but loyal to the President.  Logan has his own agenda, that much is clear.  Taylor is obsessed with signing the Peace Treaty NOW.

7)  Stealing a chopper?  Bad idea- maybe.  Freakin awesome - totally.  Go Jack, go!

Saturday, April 17, 2010


This is a tshirt for a toddler at old navy! I don't think I can squeeeeze myself into it.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Miller Lite Vortex

Have you seen this? Miller lite has a new bottle with a Vortex (TM) neck specially desgined. My question is - specially desgined for what? Blogging?

Modern Classics: 100 Movies To See Before You Die

How could I NOT click on that title on Yahoo's home page? 

This is an incredible list of 100 movies made in the last 10 years that you MUST see according to Yahoo as they are the "modern classics."  I would tend to agree with the majority of this list but there are few titles in there that I have never even heard of before now.

Chungking Express?

There are also a few titles that I feel were left out.

Drop Dead Fred, 1991.

Moving on, I have seen 51 of these 100 movies and was shocked that my numbers were this low.  Looks like I have some work to do.  Although this list is just, like someone's opinion, man....

Thursday, April 15, 2010

National High Five Day

I love the high-five - it's fun, it's celebratory, it's way less formal than the hand shake and less invasive than the hug, it's all around good, clean fun.

Turns out, today is National High Five Day!  Moey sent me a text this morning alerting me to the holiday and I felt I must blog about it so you too can high five your friends, family and co-workers today.

Click here to view a website that claims to be the inventors of the high five.  They have videos, how-tos (for those that are living under a rock), variations on the high five (which I loved), music, and they even talk about the official BEER of the high five.  There is a 2.5 minute video that is totally absurd that I would watch if you need to waste some time. 


**This is a cartoon featured on the site**


I get very tired and sometimes I need to sleep all night long, and I mean it, just like Kylee's friend Lionel says, all night. 

So yesterday after work, I was exhausted, sorta dizzy, foggy, just plain OUT of it, and went to bed early - at 6:30pm.  Guess what time I got up today? 


That's right.  I slept over 12 hours with almost no interruption and probably could have slept until noon today.

I feel better. 

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I'll Smash Cake in yo face

Anyone listen to 89X this morning?  I heard the tail end of this story and had to look it up to find out if it was true and it seems to be...

In Switzerland, there is an evil clown for hire for a kid's birthday party.  He doesn't just show up at the party, no no, he calls ahead to threaten the kid and even leaves notes in the mailbox and under the bed (eek!).  The parents are in on the entire gig and when the clown actually shows up at the party, he smashes cake in the birthday boy/girl's face!  Can you imagine?  I feel like this would/could only fly in Europe because Americans are too uptight and lawsuit happy to have some homicidal manic come to their little angels' party - prudes.  I only wish there was video of the cake smashing.

I wonder if Dominic would come for an adult's birthday?  This would be an awesome gimmick for a guy's birthday and I know plenty of sick guys that would get a kick out of some weirdo coming to their birthday party, smashing cake, and then doing beer bongs in the yard.  Probably wouldn't even need to pay someone for that.

How creeeeepy is this clown?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

24: 8am-9am


2)  While I found it icky that Jack was in a sex scene, I was happy for him to have found some happiness.  Then, the hammer drops and Renee gets fatally shot.  Poor sad Jack.  I would be lying if I told you I didn't tear up at the end when he was sobbing over her body.  Why can't this man be happy?  They just talked about Teri his dead wife and let's not forget about the Audrey Raines drama.  Poor, poor Jack. 

3)   Mrs. Hassan is hard core to the bone.  I really enjoy her voice and demeanor and the fact that she verbally slapped her daughter and ordered Kayla to "get herself together."  That's a strong woman.  I am nervous about how this is going to go down though.  I doubt the peace agreement is going to happen as planned; this isn't "business as usual."

4)  Logan is such a weaselly little turd;  that SMILE - ugh!  President Taylor wasn't letting him get away with anything but I have a feeling that this is going south.  Don't but this SOB in a room with Bauer.

5)  Chloe rises to the top like oil on water!  I think she will do well as head of CTU and I am proud of her.  I love, love, love how she gives everyone the stink eye (mainly Arlo who is asking unnecessary questions).  She even questions her own promotion!  Hilarious.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Florida ho!

Driving to Tampa for a wedding this weekend. Passing Bluffton University now. Only 14 more hours to go :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


1)  Ok, ok, I will publicly apologize to Moey for giving her bad information.  These were not the final two hours of 24.  I panicked.  I overreacted.  I sent out a mass text alleging that Jack was about to die and that was the only way I could have closure with the show.  C'mon.  Did you expect anything else from me?

2)  Dana is going to ROT in jail!  Now can we all agree that she is a psycho hose beast and take turns beating her?  I was glad Cole was able to man handle her a bit but I really wanted him to punch her in the face.  At least a slap.  How scary did she look?  Anyone else see a Joker resemblance?

3)  Whose idea was it to have the Hassan women in the situation room while they aired his "rescue mission" live?  You're FIRED!  That's like having your mother-in-law in the birthing suite during labor.  Ridiculous.

4)  Chloe gives the best advice to people that can't move on after 20 seconds of grief or disbelief.  I love how she just tells Arlo to "get over it, she played us," and storms off.  Terrific!  Also, nice assist to Jack while he caught that skank. 

5)  Taylor has been through a lot (son dies, daughter is a slut/traitor, husband dies) and loves to arrest people in her cabinet.  Go Taylor go!

6)  Hassan gets the silent clock.  How sad.  That whole situation was really intense and had me on the edge of my seat. I think it's safe to say we all felt frustrated and defeated when Jack got there too late.

7)  Bringing in Logan????  BOLD.  Maybe too bold? 

8)  I want to see more of the Russians, that plot line looks interesting, plus I love the accents. 

Up next week - some steamy scenes with Renee and Jack!  Eek!

Thank you Coach K!

Thanks to Duke's victory (and my sweet picks), I am 35 dollars richer today because I won second place in my work bracket!  Awesome!  Commence the handout requests....

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Whopper Face

I love those stories that always come out around Easter and other religous holidays about someone finding Christ's image in food - toast, pancakes, and now perhaps in two flame broiled all beef patties.  Did you see that in Brazil, Burger King has started taking customers' pictures and printing them on their customized burger wrappers??  Hilarious (if you don't have a double chin or cellulite).