Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Happy Birthday to my big sister Jamie!  I wish we could be together today, but we can celebrate next time you are home.  Love you!!!

 This picture was from my last trip to Denver in December while we were standing out in the freezing cold watching that really sweet parade of lights - Super fun sister activity!


The term wineo has always made me laugh although when I looked it up it seemed sad, and then I felt bad for laughing.  From the Urban Dictionary (which has bad grammar!):
One who enjoys the numbing properties of wine daily to avoid their painful reality that is life. Wineo's usually start drinking with friends then drink by themselves in their bedrooms. They start with half bottles a day then move on to full bottles a day, eventually buying boxs of wine in bulk to supply their needs.
Jessica drank the rest of her bottle of wine she just open earlier that day. She then enjoyed a nice bowl of chili. The wine-o then spilled the chili all over herself.

The Zoo has a themed wine tasting every month in a different location.  The March tasting was in the Aquarium:  Wines from Down Under featuring Australian wines and wonderful hearty appetizers.  Live entertainment was Tapestry, a harpist and acoustic guitar.  When was the last time you have been to the Aquarium - at night?  It is so cool to come to the Zoo for an event in the evening when you don't have to fight the crowd, when you ARE the crowd.  You can even purchase the bottles of wine you really liked at a great price to take home!!  Also, the Aquarium is a photographer's dream, I just don't know how to adjust all my settings correctly and I was more distracted by the wine and food.

February's wine tasting in the African Lodge was themed Celebrity Wines and featured many wines by famous people such as Robert Redford, Dan Akroyd, and Amy Winehouse - that one tasted like sewer and cigarettes (kidding!).  There was even a photo booth with a green screen so you could take your picture with a giant "Oscar" Award, it was too fun.  After the wine tasting, we figured we had better round out the night with some beer and hit Maumee Bay Brewing Company (home of Buckeye Beer) and ordered some paddles of beer - delicious!  Maumee Bay is another hidden treasure of Toledo and I believe to be under used.  Our friends even met the GM and went on a tour of the brewery and banquet rooms!  Whoever says there is nothing to do in Toledo is completely mistaken.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

24: 5am-6am

1)  Now we know what was causing the bigness of Hassan's hair - he was hiding his knowledge of combat and weaponry in there.  Way to go Mr. President and way to step up.  Can you just imagine the fist pumping in my house when he saved Jack with his sharp shooting?  I bet you can.

2)  Why in God's name is no one noticing that Dana/Jenny gets up every five minutes to duck into a room, or take a phone call, or talk like a ventriloquist?  It's maddening. 

3)  THIS is the Renee Walker I like - kicking ass and taking names alongside Jack, not the broken down woman we saw at the beginning of the day.  The hard core Renee on the good side of the law is the Renee I love and can stomach being with Jack.  They make and awesome team.

4)  I have never liked Weiss and knew he was going to undermine Taylor but to let Ethan stroke out and possibly die!  Mutiny is on the rise and this guy is going to have to answer to Jack.

5)  I looked up what Tarin said to Samir when he was about to engage the bomb, "The next world is the true life."  Terrorist activity is insanely scary.  How will our hero stop them this time??

6)  Next week is the FINAL two hours of 24.  What show can replace this epic program?

Monday, March 29, 2010

The Twilight SAGA, people

Well, I finally watched New Moon and it's for sure a Saga.  I don't want to say I rented it knowing I would hate it and pick it apart, but well, I did, but somehow I enjoyed it.  Since there is no possible way I could be a functioning member of society and not have read these books, I did read them and actually enjoyed the tale of this crazy love triangle, always rooting for the werewolf myself, which is why I think I could tolerate the movie.  Our boy Jacob Black has a body that you would not believe and I am just really glad that I didn't see this flick in the theater because teenage screams make me insane.  But, hey, it's a teenage movie.  Everything is drama, life and death scenarios, emotions are out of control, and bottom line:  it's annoying but entertaining.  I'll hate but I'll still participate.  

What did you think?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Stop following me, Twitter

Are you a fan of Twitter?  How often do you Tweet?  Did you twat er, tweet yesterday?  Today?  An hour ago?  Two seconds ago??

I simply cannot keep up with Twitter and the fact that I have a job, a part time job, a cell phone, texing, email, phone calls, working out, cooking, cleaning, eating, friends, family, a boyfriend, a blog, silly facebook, thank you notes to write, movies to watch, crises to solve, and showering every day (except on Sundays), I feel that I cannot keep up with Twitter.  There I said it.  Whew.  Don't hate.  Just twit about me.  You twit.

What I find odd, is that people keep signing up to follow me on Twitter.  I have not posted a twat, er, Tweeted, what.the.funk.ever in months, yet random cyberfolks keep signing on to see what I have to say, or not to say.  Just yesterday, TheodenKing started following me.  I did momentarily get all excited because in my head I ran through the entire Two Towers, and watched Aragorn lead the race of men to battle and reclaim his rightful throne, but why TheodenKing are you following me?  My Twitter page is dormant unlike your Middle Earth.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Arugula: The new prison shank

Last week I had a salad with flank steak and arugula.  Sound good?  I have been eating all kinds of leafy greens and trying to switch it up from the standard romaine to include spinach, arugula, radiccio, endive, escarole, and kale.  Why?  Because Tony Horton told me to, aaaand because this leafy crap is chock full of vitamins and minerals that you would never get unless you ate these items.

Bottom line?  I hate it.  All of it.  These odd greens taste like dirt and are very bitter.  I have tried mixing them with romaine and they still ruin the salad for me. Don't pretend that you are "peppery" or "strong" tasting.  Arugula, you taste like offensive dirt and are often times sharp.  I will never buy you again because last week I am almost positive you cut the corners of my mouth like a bad paper cut.  Ever since my dirt and meat salad, I have had these little oh-so-irritating cuts on the insides and corners of my mouth that will not heal.  I have been through one tube of black label chapstick and cannot laugh, yell, or take a big bite of anything without reopening the wound.  It's annoying.  Because of a flippin' salad.

I would never serve Arugula to guests and feel it not should it be served anywhere, especially not in prison.  You could shank someone with this crap.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

24 : 4am-5am

1)  BEST EPISODE OF THE SEASON!  The hour started with full gunfire and never stopped the action!

2)  Jack's the man - I've said it once, I'll say it again.  He's pure gristle.  I loved his Sparta move with the truck door sides, moving like the men of 300, one impenetrable unit, until that moron lost his nerve and broke formation causing a good agent's death.  RIP agent Owen.

3)  There were so many things I didn't see coming in this episode - like Chloe pulling a piece on that NSA a-hole - which was so ballsy of her.  That's a dedicated employee.  How hard-core is Chloe?  She knows how to reconfigure servers and boot up hard drives, trunkated, whatever, whatver, she rocks.  She rocked the face off those NSA jerks too and I liked that Hastings backed her up 100% while squirlly hair troll just quivered in her pumps while simulataneouly selling Chloe out.  "I'm not good with praise.."  Classic!

4)  BIGGEST event I did not see coming, the hair troll is a double agent!!!  For god's sake, as if we couldn't hate Dana/Jenny any more, now she is a traitor too?  For the love of Buchanon, this broad just needs to get pieced, and I hope it's by Cole so he gets some closure (although I am not an enormous Cole fan, I just feel bad for the sap, plus he's helping Jack in the field so I guess he's OK).  I was a little nervous/excited when Milton told Dana that he was "gonna nail your ass to the wall," because I believed him, but then WHAM, she turned the tables.  Maybe we will be able to tolerate her now that the jig is up and she can stop acting like a namby pamby idiot and be the real person she is, whoever she is.

5)  RENEE!  Yes!  Back in action and right to work taking out two men.  She's good.  My friend MERP put is so nicely, "Bout time!  What was she doing?  Polishing Jack's silver?"  I was so excited that we got a slight glimpse of Jack's apartment, all neat and tidy and not lived in.  He's the coolest. 

6)  Let's hope Pres. Taylor can shut these terrorists down next week (next hour!).

Monday, March 22, 2010

Congratulations, dude

Over the weekend, we drove to Columbus for an impromptu engagement party (assuming the bride was going to say yes).  I love couples parties because men and women get such different things out of the same experience.

Women:  "Let's run to the store and get champagne and a card for the happy couple."
Men:  "Nah, let's drink his booze instead, we'll get him a gift for the wedding."

Women:  "What a cute engagement story!  It's so thoughtful and well planned!"
Men;  "That bastard is showing me up with that huge rock."

Women:  "Did you know they already have their hall booked?"
Men:  "Yeah, and we have the bachelor party booked...VEGAS BABY!"

Women:  "I really enjoyed meeting the bride's friends from college.  They seemed really nice."
Men:  "How awesome was that pizza?"

I love how guys operate.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring has Sprung

Spring finally seems to be in the air and sadly we are trapped in our offices, sigh...

Here is a fun little time waster for you, just follow the link below - click on the black screen and see what happens.  Warning!  This may distract you for a few-several minutes.  Happy Spring!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

March Madness

I love March Madness!  I makes watching basketball so much more fun because you are actively engaged (and chances are you have money on it).  The networks also air great stories about the players (similar to Olympic stories) that really get you emotionally invested in the games. 

Did you get your brackets in?  Who do you have in the final four?
I picked Kansas v Kansas St. and Kentucky v Duke with Duke to win it all.  I pick Duke every year because I met Coach K one year and he was supa nice...and somewhat short...and I love that in a basketball coach.  A short white man commanding his enormous players - excellent.  

 Did you see that Obama filled out a bracket again this year?  Click here to view his picks. 

Good luck!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I'll have a Blue St. Patty's Day

Hopefully everyone is getting to celebrate today or got to over the weekend by drinking your green beer, telling fantastic Irish jokes, and eating Jigg's dinner (why do we only eat this delicious dinner one time a year?).

Did you wear green today?  Green has become the official color of St. Patrick's Day and of Ireland, but that wasn't always so according to what I read on Wikipedia today.  The report is, since Shamrocks and green ribbons were worn in celebration of St. Patrick, it just became an unofficial tradition to wear green, but different hues of blue are associated with the order of St. Patrick.  Follow this link to read about the coat of arms and view a very interesting blue color chart displaying familiar colors such as Tiffany Blue, Cornflower Blue, and Iris, but also featuring exotics like International Klein Blue, Ultramarine, and Bondi Blue. 

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

24: 3:00 am-4:00 am

1)  How did we know that Kayla would be getting kidnapped and used against Hassan by Tarin?  A rebel flag and video tape scare the crap out of me - live violence is so intense - I am glad she "escaped."  Someone must have couriered in some Presidential mousse because Hassan's hair seems to be a wee bit smaller. 

2)  Even though Jenny is not a hair troll any longer (magically her hair is not to one side after her murdered Kevin), she is still annoying to the point that I would like to see Milton get out that red Swingline and staple an arrest warrant to her forehead.  Repeatedly.  How creepy is Milton with that weirdo smile?

3)    It's about FREAKIN time Chloe got a little respect and ran CTU tactical.  She's so amazing.  This is where being curt and dry pays off.  No commentary, just the facts - that's what Jack needs in the field.  It's really quite amazing what they do and how fast it's done.

4)  Tarin - you are a snake.

5)  I didn't see the EMP coming and it was so intense!  I love how fast CTU and Bauer realized it was all a setup just by the facial recognition of Tarin.  CTU is a mess and only one man can help now......

Saturday, March 13, 2010


I hit the mall last night to return a  few items.  In and out - that was my mission.  Here are my observations:

1)  Every teenage girl looks the same - and completely fake.  Spray tan, teased hair, cake makeup, aaaaaad sweatpants.  I don't get this look.  Why get all done up and put on sweats?   

2)  The cops now smile at me because I look like a stand up citizen and pose no threat.  Aren't you nervous I am going to do something illegal like smoke cigarettes out back?  Right, I'm 31.  Sigh.

3)  The spa guys creep me out and someone should really write more letters to the Westfield opposing those space invaders.  I don't want my hair straightened, my hands are fine, leave my wrinkles alone, NO YOU CANNOT ASK ME A QUICK QUESTION!

4)  The food court calls to me.  Every stand looks amazing and those smoothies aren't really that bad, are they?

5)  The highlight of my trip happened as I was passing Chick-Fil-A.  The mascot (the Cow), was dancing around out front, and boy did this beef have moves.  As I walked by, he (or she, I cannot assume it was a he, but, well, it was, c'mon...) went out of his way to come over and high five me.  Nice.  I will definitely be eatin more Chikin.

Friday, March 12, 2010


FX is such a great network - they play movies that you have seen about a billion times (yet you continue to watch them every time they air, ahem, X-Men) and other weirdo/bizzaro shows like Nip/Tuck, Sunny, and Rescue Me.  You know you watch these shows.  Nip/Tuck is so much uncomfortable drama that you have to watch it just to see how weird it can get.  And then it gets weirder and Christian gets hotter.

Have you been watching Archer?  If yes keep reading, if NO, skip ahead to NO.  How entertaining is this show?  It is so great to me that when set as a cartoon, they can say insanely politically incorrect statements and it becomes outrageously funny a la South Park.  The characters are so wacko and well voiced, it's hard to pick a favorite.  Everyone loves Sterling Archer, but his MOTHER, geez!  She's one hard core dictator.  I love their relationship.  Lana and the ISIS team crack me up too - all the gossip of the hitman world. 

If NO - Watch it.  It's quirky, fast and funny, gross, pervy, and irreverent.  It makes me laugh out loud.

Iron Man 2

What are you doing May 7th?  

"Tony Stark is a text book narcissist..." as read by himself. 

I love it...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

24 : 2:00-3:00 AM

1)  BOOM!  What a good episode!  Jack is so crazy - he can command someone through a pressure chamber with his negotiation skills and intense face.    I was so nervous when the vest started counting down but knew our hero had it under control.  He just picked up Marcos like a rag doll and hurled him back into the chamber - game over!  That weaselly little piss-ant got what what coming to him.  I do feel bad for poor Mare Winningham though.    

2)  Hassan's daughter is getting USED and abused.  She is in for some real trouble with Tarin - did you see next week's preview?  EEEK!  That's some scary crap.  Side note**  The size of Hassan's hair must be directly correlated to the level of his stress because his hair is EEEnormous right now.

3)  Cole should snap Dana's neck.

4)  Hastings should snap Cole's neck.

5)  Chole is so amazingly funny with her terrible timing and curtness.  I love how she makes every situation awkward with her monotone dialouge and impish looks.  "Hey Dana, sorry that you are a dumbass and got demoted!"  LOVE IT Chlo!

6)  Where's Renee?  Carving idols out of kitchen utensils in Jack's apartment?  I hope she is being supervised...for her own good and for the good of national security.

7)  Dana is a sitting duck if Milton from the Office comes snooping around because at this point a spoon is sharper than she is not to mention she is a nervous wreck.  She is going to crack like packet of pop rocks under the pressure.  Let's hope he doesn't bring a Swingline for reinforcement.

See you next week!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Seems like my mouth has been pumping a little iron, too

Ever notice when a series of stressful events happen not necesarily TO you but AROUND you,  you tend to be on edge?  Couple that with a hard core work out regimen and a strict diet and what do you get?  A stick of dynamite.

Yesterday at work, we had a big event.  We had a scheduled break at which time we were suppoed to have lunch (or else I would have packed my lunch like I do every day).  In the events business, not everything goes to plan all the time and we didn't get our break at the scheduled time so I ended up eating some cake (and it was faaaaabulous).  As I was biting into the glorious sugar bomb, someone walked by and says to me, "Is that on your P90X plan?" all snide and judemental. 

What should have happened: 
I should have put the cake down and said calmly - "No, but we didn't get our real food like promised and I am hungry.  I can have a little today, it's no big deal - I have been working my ass off."

What actually happened:
I snapped.  Big time.  "THAT'S BULLSHIT!  I had a plan!  I HAD A PLAN!  You should never judge what someone is eating because you don't know what they ate earlier or later or what they did for exercise. You should especially never COMMENT on what they are eating!  WHAT DID YOU EAT TODAY?  HUH?  BACK OFF!  I can eat whatever I want!"

I might as well have bench pressed him. 

You see, this is my biggest fear and the reason why I am so disciplined in public, why I would NEVER order popcorn with extra butter or large fries or something.  "What if they tell me I don't need it?  What if they make a comment?"  I cannot handle the thought of someone silently judging me on what I am eating.  When he said that to me, I just couldn't help it - it was a reaction.  It was not a silent judgement - it was out loud and everyone heard it.

We may as well have been on the playground in 3rd grade and he may as well have been the most popular boy at school calling me a fatso.  That's what it felt like.

I am glad I acted like I did.  I didn't cry, I didn't stutter.  I  just let him have it.  People pulled me aside later and said they were glad I stuck up for myself.  And guess what?  He apologized today.  We're cool. 

The sad part is that I am still thinking about it and I am sitting here writing about it.  People need to watch what they say and how they say it.  "Jokes" still hurt people.

OOOOne, two, three, FOUR!

My friend KZ sent me this clip this morning and it is too good not to share.  If you grew up in the 90s, you were glued to Saturday morning tv which inclued Saved by the Bell followed by Californina Dreams, a show about a teenage garage band managed by a slickster that looked like a Scott Wolf/Tom Cruise hybrid.  You know you watched it - you totally did, even if the singing was embarrassing.  Here they are's still embarrassing:

Saturday, March 6, 2010


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Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Guacamole Cart

Toledo is abundant with Mexican Restaurants and when Plaza Azteca on Monroe opened (the old El Rodeo, across from the Andersons), I thought that it would be nothing special but, hey, Mexican is always good...and if it's not there's a good story.

Here's my review:

There is an entirely seperate menu for the margaritas and I decided on a Prickly Pear Margarita - and it was enormous, not to mention delicious, and only $5.50.  My only complaint is that it was not very strong, it tasted like candy, but if I am going to commit to a drink like that I would like to walk away with a buzz  Ay carumba!

This was by far and away the best part of the experience.  There was a GUACAMOLE CART that came to your table and the guacamole expert made the guac right there...AT YOUR TABLE!  He peeled the avacados, diced the jalepenos and cilantro, squeezed the lime, and smashed it all together mortar and pastel style.  The tableside guac was only $5.99!

We also ordered some shrimp that came out sizzling in some kind of white cheese with sauteed onions - muy fantastico!

I got the most boring thing on the menu, plain chicken with rice and beans, but it was really tasty.  The chicken was pounded out really flat, the rice was perfect, and how can you go wrong with some refried beans?  None of this is P90X friendly, so I ate mostly the guac and chicken with small bites of everything else.  Oh, yeah, and the margarita.  I hope Tony Horton is not reading this.

The bowls for the chips and salsa were a shiny metal (which I really liked, not gross plastic baskets that never get clean), the entree dishes were giant white squares, and the guacamole bowl was a pig!  Festive with a modern twist.  Also, the bathroom sink was this amazing Spanish tile.  I would have taken a picture but someone walked in as I was pulling out my camera and ruined my moment with the bowl.

This was the only part of the experience that was not great.  Our waitress (well, she was a baaaartender, she explained to us) was absolutely terrible and didn't have the charisma to make up for it.  Not only did she know nothing about the menu, but she had never tried anything and actually told me that 2 out of the three things I asked about didn't look "appetizing."  It was almost funny.  "What's the house sauce?"  "Uh, I'm not  really sure."  "What is in the azteca special sauce?"  "I have no idea."  She wasn't even trying! 

Two out of the four of us got the wrong meals, and our bills were completely incorrect.  There was no thank you when she finally arrived to pick up the checks (that sat there for 10 minutes).  This irks me to no end.  No thank you.  No good night.  No eye contact.  Nothing.  You don't have to gush all over us and ask us to be your facebook friend, but a thank you when picking up your cash tip would be appropriate. 

This place just opened, so I would give it a whirl, just don't sit at the bar.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Snowman Open 2010

This weekend Clark Lake hosted the Snowman Open 2010!  What is the Snowman Open you ask?  Well, imagine the hardest-core summer lake lovers, bundling up and creating a "golf course" on our beloved lake which is now frozen solid.  Tennis balls are used instead of golf balls and you can use any utensil you wish as your club (most used drivers, but hockey sticks and brooms were also acceptable - I took the broom to honor the ridiculous sport of curling).

On the shore, there were tents with heaters, food, beer, and the committee.  We even got little cards and pencils to "keep score" (although I am pretty sure everyone cheated in some way or another).    Those that did not play hung out in the tented (warm and dry!) area while the rest of us snow-golfed. 

Although it was cold and slushy, we had an amazing time!!  We were supposed to wear "flair" and my team elected to wear boas, but with 3 layers of pants, and 3 coats, my boa was annoying me so I stuck it in my pants and used it as a tail (which I have always wanted).

Here is my tail.

The official tee.

We even got buttons to commemorate the event.

Looks like Sherri got a hole in one!

Clever way to tote the beer on the "green."

Carrie and BJ warming up in the Beach Bar after our game. 

Horses normally support the dock in the water.  Ironic in the winter.

Alicia in an IGLOO!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

24: 1 am - 2am


1)  President Hassan is having a bad day - his mistress is revealed and arrested, his wife left him and the country, his brother betrayed him and was killed, his daughter has run off with one of his chief officers (see, she did mess everything up and is a slut!), his big political deal with the United States is about to fail, and his country is potentially under attack as ordered by President Taylor.  That's a bad day.

2)  I like when Hastings told Jack that his idea of "keeping Fahrad" alive wasn't exactly protocol.  Ha, Jack's a hard core renegade and you hired him to get the job done.  PS - nice work in standing up for yourself, Renee, and CTU for once.  Now, keep your momentum going.

3)  To quote my friend, "SHE'S USED GOODS!"  Jack and Renee.  I hate it.
4)  I was hoping that Cole was going to shoot Dana still this week.  No such luck.  They are never going to get away with this.  What operation would let two of it's "top agents" AWOL for 2-3 hours?  Arlo is going to blow the cover off this little sting for sure.  Arlo, Dana/Jenny/hair troll will still not love you, even from her prison cell!

5)  I feel so bad for that poor agent Owen at CTU.  He looks like he's 12 and like his is going to soil himeslf at any minute from fright.  I do enjoy the fact that he gives Jack the respect he deserves by addressing him as "Mr. Bauer."  

6)  The idea of a bomb threat terrifies me and the whole situation surrounding the making of a terrorist really makes me nervous.  "You know what you have to do."  I would be like, "Yeah sure," and find the nearest meat market, strap that C-4 to a large hunk of meat and blow it to smithereens.  One way ticket to the Bahamas?  What about Jack grabbing Mare Winningham and using her against her son!  Renegade!

Tune in next week for more action...