Sunday, February 28, 2010

REO Speedwagon!


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Friday, February 26, 2010

Took of Cakes!

This is a belated birthday cake for my cousin smokey, well, Lauren - hence the L.  I wanted to make a special treat for her not only for her birthday, but also to celebrate the birth of Henry, so I went to the obvious source for all things perfect...Martha Stewart.

This is a 3 layered "Perfect White Cake" filled with a raspberry reduction (fresh raspberries cooked down in water with sugar until thick like a glaze) and "Chocolate Frosting."  The white icing is a basic cream cheese frosting.  It was delicious!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Website Security Questions

I hate these.  Who writes these?  The automated security questions they give you when you sign up for some kind of an account online are the worst questions and I have a terrible time with them, especially since you have to hit the answer dead on.  No spelling mistakes, no punctuaiton mistakes, and forget about capatilaztion mistakes.  I find it maddening to try to remember all these becuase you cannot have the same answer for all of these silly questions.  I always had a hard time with True or False questions in school.  I felt that I could argue either way.  I loved essay. 

Here are some options for security questions for a new banking feature I signed up with today:

1)  What Elementary School did you attend?
I went to a school that has a roman numeral in it and it is also a saint's name.  So, do I put the SAINT or St. or what?  Annoying.

2)  Who is your favorite President?
Who am I?  Monica Lewinsky?  Who has a favorite President?

3)  What street did you grow up on?
Uh, everyone knows that!  Not secure...

4)  What is your favorite hobby?
Um, partying...Come on!

5)  Favorite sports team?
This would be a good one for someone else.  I would say the Mud Hens.

6)  What is your favorite sports activity?
I can't divulge this one, I think I used it.

7)  What is your favorite book?
Really?  How can you pick one?  Ok, the Bible (sorry, that's in poor taste, but this question sucks).

8)  What is your favorite store?
Store!  Can you narrow it down to a category of store?  I can tell you what store I hate and it's Kroger on Secor and Monroe.  Unfortunately this is the closest grocery store to my house so consequentially I will drive 20 minutes out of my way to go to a nice Kroger where I don't feel like I will get mugged in the parking lot.

9)  What is your favorite dessert?
This one actually made me mad.  I have to pick one?  Desserts need two piles - chocolate and non-chocolate.  At least start there. 

10)  What is your favorite beverage?
Again, alcoholic and non.  Even still, I would need a beer, wine, and spirits category for the alcoholic (maybe that's a problem - let's skirt over that).

11)  Who do you admire the most?
What are we talking about?  Olymipcs?  Winter or Summer?  See what I mean...these questions are too broad.

12)  What is your favorite movie?
This is and always will be a problem question for me because you cannot pick just one.  Even still if you gave me a trilogy that would make it easier, but how do you choose between LOTR, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Ghostbusters.  Really.

13)  What was your favorite school subject?
NERD!  Recess....and German. 

Can you answer any of these questions distinctly?  Play along with me - answer in the comments section.  This is essay.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Spring Break, 20-never

Last night I had an amazing dream of being on vacation in a warm, tropical land.  Beach, pool, drinks, music, landscape - it all seemed so real and wonderful.  You know how the air feels on vacation - like it's hugging you?  Not like the cold winter wind - like it's slapping you (and laughing cruelly).


Stupid alarm clock.  Stop it!

I looked out my window and saw snow.  How depressing. 

Are you going on Spring Break this year?  Skiing in Michigan does not count, I am talking a REAL Spring Break where you hit the beach and get a little sun!  Vitamin D is good for you and so are margaritas.  I miss the mandatory Spring Break we got in college - one whole week to go do whatever we wanted in Florida, Mexico, or someplace FUN!  It would have been ideal to get another week break to rest when we got home.   Now, that's paradise.

"Cabo" for you, K.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

24: 12am-1am

1)  "Back up Son, or you're gonna get hurt."  Only Jack Bauer can say lines like this...and we believe him.

2)  Hastings is a schmuck.  He cannot stick to his guns about anything and changes his mind constantly.  Be a man!  Renee did murder that POS Vlad, but Hastings is just trying to save his own ass.  I loved Jack's speech to him about using his power and that the head of CTU has more "juice thank you think." 

3)  What about Jack manhandling that woman?  I love it.  No one is safe from Jack's wrath.  Don't cross the Bauer.  YES!

4)  How pathetic is Bazahev?  Remember when he shot his son?  Now he is a heap of a man.

5)  I don't like for one minute the possible romantic link between our hero and Renee.  It just grosses me out for some reason, maybe that reason is because I feel like she's a whore and doesn't deserve Jack.  Audrey Raines broke my heart for Jack.  I may have thought Renee and Jack were good to go at the end of last season, but not now - she's a psycho.  He needs someone more, well, less PSYCHO!  Is it too much to ask for poor Jack to have a semi-normal life to enjoy and not have to be a crutch for someone like Renee.  Although perhaps that is what he needs.  He cannot stay away from the fire - the action!

6)   Dana/Jenny is so foul and her stupidity has pushed me to the edge.  Her "creole" future ex-fiancee (if he has any sort of ca-hones) tried to get her out of the situation and now it is even worse.  My prediction:  Dana/Jenny will rat herself out now when she should have done it 5 episodes ago before that poor sonofabitch Cole got involved.  I was so hoping Cole was going to shoot her.

7)  Things are about to get crazy in the White House.  President Taylor is getting all hot under the collar and she's about to put her foot down.  Fahrad is about to die and he knows he messed up, let's hope he can help the situation - my guess, the bad guys find him before the good guys do and President Taylor sends in the troops.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Mike

Happy Birthday WRONA!  Have a great day!

UH, mem, meber that time, when we were roommates?  That was AWESOME!

Friday, February 19, 2010

The Flying F*@#in' Tomato

I missed Shaun White grabbing the gold so I had to watch it online and wanted to share - here it is.  Did you hear about the controversial expletives from his coach?  Apparently, after White won he was having a conversation with his coach, they were all pumped up, and the coach used non-Disney language - it was evident just by watching (the sound was not actually recorded).

 Some people are offended by this.  Uh, Crazy!  Get over it.  This is not a Disney world - athletes and their coaches are way jacked up as they SHOULD BE.  The Snowboarding world isn't run by suits and briefcases.  Their uniforms are skateboard plaid and faux-jean for cripes sake.  Should they talk like that in an interview - no - but NBC didn't need to have a camera in his face and broadcast that.  Everyone in the world knows what those four-letter words look like, especially when enunciated.  Leave the guys alone, they're excited.  It's not like they had four strippers and a pole up, spraying champagne all over the place to the tune of "Girls, Girls, Girls."  Let's lighten up.  Here's Shaun getting some mutha f@*&in air.  Did you get that? 


Thursday, February 18, 2010

The amazing expanding PEEP!

Here is the peep in his original form. 
The peep enters the microwave, unassuming.
 20 seconds into his journey, the peep tips over and blows up into an unrecognizable blob!!

Good, clean fun with peeps! 
Is it still dangerous to stand in front of a microwave with a cell phone?

My Peeps

Just when you get all the valentine's candy outta the house!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Drag Queens and German Craftmanship

Yesterday I was home sick (today still home sick) and since I was not properly prepared with movies I had to watch what television was presenting me.  I am a flipper.  I flip.  I cannot stay on one channel for even a half hour and I don't have TiVo, DVR, or whatever you may call it.  I deal, I flip.

At one point, I was watching the Olympics, Ru Paul's Drag Race, Celebrity Fit Club, and NBC's version of QVC.  I wanted to smack myself for watching such bad broadcasting.  I need to back up: Ru Paul's Drag race is this new reality show that is a complete disaster but I just could not stop watching it yesterday.  Perhaps it was because I was glued to the couch with sickness, or maybe it was because Drag Queens are insanely entertaining and scary all at the same time.  I mean, these gigantor skinny guys with long skinny gams and structured cheekbones to die for are all calling each other girl, she, her, and biotch, and it's just madness.  Essentially, if Skeletor were a transgendered male and cloned himself that's what this show is.  Next week's episode, pin the tail on the adam's apple.  Not that challenging, but it should be full of laughs and emotional break-throughs.   


"...aaaaaaaaaaand he's coming down the slopes, look at his speed.  The discipline, the determination..."


"Honey, can you make your voice higher?  I mean, you gottitgoinON but your voice needs a little work GIIIIRL."


"Ant here es zee schtein in a black feenish, wery strong und masculine.  In Chermany, we hafe zees Tradition..."  Obnoxious lady with perfect nails interrupts, "Yes, this mug matches with EVERYTHING..a must for your dining room.  It fits in my hand perfectly, and I'm super petite..."


"Looks like a TIE Queens!  We are going to have a Lip-sync contest to determine who will chante and who will sashay.  And ladies.....don't F@*# it up.  Here we go.  WORK IT!"


"Next we go to Ice Hockey..."


"Nicole Eggert, you are not eating enough and your drinking is out of control, you too Bobby Brown, and Sebastian Bach - let's go for a glass of red wine, not a BOTTLE..."


"Now, tell me Johannes, would you buy a SET of steins so they all match??"  "No, eweryone brinz zeir own schtein to a party normally."  "Ooooh, my, how adorable, like wine charms!"  Blank German stare.

 Flip.  Contemplating getting out credit card - this stein only has 50 left and the coo-coo clocks are next.

Why is there no ice cream in the house?

Personality Test

Go ahead - take the test:

Be honest in your answers, this is not a job interview!  Share your answers with me.  I found mine to be interesting and perhaps not what I thought.  See comments.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

24: 11pm-12am

1)  Was there any doubt our hero would bust his way out of torture?  It was just a matter of how he would do it - with grace and tact!  The amazing Jack Bauer turning the battery on his enemy with his feet!  Classic Jack.

2)  An open-shirted Jack dupes Bazhaev's entire thug posse with little to no difficultly with style and creativity.  Way to use a banquet table!  President Taylor is seeing red and she's ready to deal to get this situation handled.  Bazhaev's "crying" over his son?  Russian Please.  You cared about him as much as you cared about that china that you blew to pieces with your big ass shot gun.

3)  Renee looks unstable as ever and I don't trust her to stay put at CTU.  I am putting money on her trying to get out and "help" Jack.  Psych eval?  Good call.

4)  Ok, did anyone else pick up FPJ's accent during his little heart to heart (that ended up being  about nothing) with Dana/Jenny?  All of a sudden he's a Southern Creole?  If my fiancee called me into a room during a national crisis and gave me that line of bullshit I would not just pat her dumb little head and tell her "good talk."  Arlo's onto her now and ratted her out.   PS Look's like someone at Fox has been reading my blog because the hair troll's hair was not just to one side yesterday.  Let's get the makeup people in for some mascara next time.  Thanks.

5)  Bonnie and Clye are at a strip club now...of course they are.  What's Dana/Jenny going to do?  Pull a gun on him that gets turned on her and then Cole will have to come rescue her.  Sigh.  Amateurs.

6)  Hassan's daughter is going to make a mess.  "But Father, we're in love..."  Ugh!

7)  Josef is mad and making a statement.  He's got the rods and taking them into Fahrad's hands!  Let's hope Jack doesn't get exposed...again...this time.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Box of Rocks

When I was in grade school, I was really into NBA basketball and Charles Barkley was one of my favorite players - I had trading cards and read every article that I could find on him.  It is sort of nice to have celebrities at an arm's length like that, you know, back in the 80s when there was no Facebook or YouTube and the commericals were nothing like what they are now.

This Taco Bell commercial that debuted during the Super Bowl starring Sir Charles grates on my ears like nails on a chalkboard.  I hate it.  I don't understand a word of it and am pretty sure it doesn't rhyme.  It makes no sense to boot (Barkley steps through a mirror onto a "court" with winged cheerleaders in metallic leggings, onto the red carpet with Lamar Odom, and Taco Bell gets stamped in the Moon?  AAAAGH!  I can't take it.)  It actually is making me mad.  Sorry for posting it here but just in case you have not been tortured yet, I wanted you to see/hear it and take the abuse along with the rest of us.  Are there commercials that you just cannot STAND? 

Friday, February 12, 2010

Dogged ya

"My border collie is smarter than your honor student"

Antiques Gone Wild!

According to Wikipedia, "Antiquing is the act of shopping, identifying, negotiating, or bargaining for antiques. Items can be bought for personal use, gifts, and in the case of brokers and dealers, profit. Antiquing is performed at garage sales, estate sales, resort towns, antiques districts, collectives, and international auction houses."

Whew.  Now go wash your grimy, dusty hands.

I hit our Antique Mall Downtown on Erie Street yesterday juuuuust to see if I could find a serving platter that was not $30 like the ones I found at the Libby Glass Factory Outlet next door.  Note: they were all boring and one color.  I would pay for a really cool serving dish but not a giant COLORLESS one.  Dull. 

Regardless, I entered the Antique mall and it felt like I hit a pirate ship of sunken treasure!  This place was crazy loaded with all kinds of miscellaneous items - you know - antiques!  However, there were not just antiques, nope, there were perfectly new Crabtree & Evelynn items..don't start a stampede...

It was fun to peruse the booths of OPS (other peoples' stuff) and I felt like I was snooping, which made it even more fun.  I kept opening drawers to credenzas, peeking behind pictures, and lifting up things to look at the bottom of it and NOBODY cared.  The carnival of randomness was totally empty too so I really owned the joint.

I would like to go back there to hit the jewelry section because I saw some beauts in there just calling my name. There was also a section displaying purses that did NOT look like knock-offs and if I can't tell, then no one will know.  I can already hear the lie coming out of my mouth..."Thanks!  I got it in Toronto...I just felt like I deserved was Canadian money it, felt like Monopoly money!"

Check out your local Antique Mall for some good clean (well, not really) fun, after all, it is supporting local business and technically it's recycling too.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Chocolate chips, Tony Horton, and Snow Blowing

Officially I have been sick for an entire month.  Officially I have worked out ONE day for this 30 days of sickness (and I felt like I was going to explode, or rather that my lungs were going to explode and my rose was going to run right off my face - that was the point at which I felt like I should SEE the doctor and she she told me it was obvious I had pneumonia).  Sigh.  Cough.  Wheeze.  Hack.  Pout.  Look for cookies.  Settle for sugar cubes.

The biggest loser round 2 at work is chugging along without me as I have lost a whopping 1 pound in 4 weeks.  I realize that I should be happy that I am not gaining weight but I am MAD MAD MAD that I feel that I have lost momentum just coming off a big loss and completion of my P90.  I want to workout DAMMIT!  I actually miss Tony Horton and his ridiculous/hilarious commentary (depending on who you are, I happen to LOVE him).  Every day I don't workout and follow the nutrition guide, I am that much further back from my goal date.  It's maddening.

I am hoping, wishing, and praying that in one week I will be better and I can start working out again and get the F back on track because I am feeling myself slipping. For example, last night, I stood in the kitchen eating chocolate chips like they don't have any fat or calories, like they are an old, harmless friend.  NOT COOL!  Ever notice how when you are working out and in the Zone you can say no to treats and extras but if you aren't a piece of cake or a quarter, half, CRAP, whole bag of beef jerky is somehow permissible? 

You know your life is sad when you are looking forward to snow blowing because you think it MAY count as exercise.  Does it?  Well, my forearms felt like they worked out.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

You drive me...

KraAazy but it feeelz alright, baby thinking of you keeps me up all night!

New Blogger!

New Blogger is fun!

I just upgraded and the new editor is way better in terms of uploading pictures (that alone is worth the upgrade to the new version).
(upload Chewbacca.jpg here)
Look at the fun new features:

Strikeout Those of you that can write HTML can scoff at this all you like, but for those of us that cannot learn past bolding, italics, and having once learning strikeout, this is a life changing an amazing tool!

Text background color may be new, but now I cannot be certain.  Oh, well, I vow to use this more often.

Other great things to be learned - for now, I am off to play!

Later Gator!
Note:  No fake LED signs at the Zoo Gators were harmed in the production of this blog

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

24: 10-11pm

1) Agent Walker with the paring knife in the hideout....WHOA! Renee has officially lost her cool. I mean, who could blame her, Vlad was micromanaging her bread slicing.

2) How mad was Jack getting when Vlad had his hands all over Renee. My blood pressure was spiking. I know because I have an APP for that.

3) The scene when Renee had her breaking point was almost too intense for TV, knives everywhere! It all happened so fast! Jack is the MAN, once again, survives a stab while simultaneously killing a mobster with a paring knife like it was a Chinese throwing star.

4) Kevin and Nick are buffoons and should be tarred and feathered (too many numbers!). Oh yeah - Dana too (hair troll!). I hope FPJ breaks up with her dumb ass.

5) More Chloe please! I live for her curt sarcasm.

6) Hassan is putting the screws to his crew! I am not sure if he's a good guy or a bad guy and that's why this show is so great...we just don't know yet. Although it's pretty clear the daughter is going to mess up the entire operation.

7) Did anyone else notice the massive amounts of booze in Bazhaev's headquarters? Who need nuclear weapons? Just challenge your enemies to a "Wodka" drinking contest...

8) Our hero takes one for the team again as he heads into the Dragon's Lair to be tortured in the name of the war on terrorism. With any luck, he will recover the nuclear weapons and save the world...again. I can't watch!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Superbowl Sunday!

Superbowl Sunday...even if your team is not in the biggest battle of the season, it's still fun to eat all the great snacks and watch the hilarious commercials. Have fun tonight!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Movie Reviews

Since I have been ill, I have been doing some heavy duty TV watching (and I love it). I am also on the scramble to watch all the Oscar-nominated films before the big awards. Here was my last week's "accomplishments":

Julie & Julia: LOVE LOVE LOVE Meryl Streep as Julia Child (she's freakin' hi-larious)! The way that the film parallels Julia's life with 2002 New York's "Julie" was done excellently. Bonus - not only is the movie about cooking, it's also about BLOGGING! Delightful with no calories.

Defiance: Talk about tough as nails. Daniel Craig and Liev Schreiber are incredible as brothers leading a community of Russians living in the woods from the Nazis during WWII. Powerful, dramatic story (based on true people and events), gritty, painful, and inspiring.

Up: What a nice surprise! A touching story filled with whimsical characters that you just want to *HUG*. Go on this adventure with your kids, niece or nephew, or girlfriends. Nice humor, visually stunning - Pixar films just keep cranking out the hits.

Green Street Hooligans: Not a new movie, I had never heard of this 2005 film but man was I happy I watched it. Imagine a cross between Fight Club and Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels - Drinking, sports, fights, English accents (duuuuuude). Guys, you will love this movie, I guarantee it. You can skip J&J and up.

Ninja: I am embarrassed to have seen this one and, for the record, did NOT pick it out. Dumbest movie ever! Ninja guy and girl on the run protecting a secret box from the bad ninja. Bad acting, bad effects. Bad, bad, bad.

Always Sunny in Philadelphia (Christmas Special): This is not for the weak-hearted or conservative. Our Paddy's gang is in FULL FORCE offending everyone in this flick because it never aired on cable. Even poor Santa's not safe. I was actually shocked about 4 times but was laughing the whole time. Must see for Sunny fans.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Happy Birthday x2

Today is a very special day....

Happy Birthday to my cousin Lauren and congratulations are in order because today she and Owen welcome BABY HENRY!!!

Happy Birthday Smokey AND baby Henry! I cannot wait to meet you!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Warning! This may be the longest blog post of my life, however, it might be the most interesting because it is about the Gn'R show. So, you can read only the parts that interest you and can skip the other parts. Or just look at the pictures :)

Our visit to Toronto was amazing! We journeyed to Windsor to board the train that would take us on a smooth 4 hour ride to Toronto. There were no issues getting on the train, the parking lot was directly outside the station, and we boarded and were on our way!


The reason for our trip was to see Guns N' Roses in concert!!! Danny gave me the most amazing Christmas present - the tickets to see my favorite band of all time (well, Axl and his band, no Slash, Duff, Matt, Izzy) and it happened to take place at the Air Canada Center, home of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

No cameras were allowed in the show, so this is a-pre show pump up, and I was JACKED! The opening act was a local band with a front man that was hilarious. He was like James Hetfield-esque Canadian that had entertaining commentary in between songs. Next up, SEBASTIAN BACH of Skid Row fresh off celebrity fit club to wow us not only with his washboard abs, flowing locks, microphone swings (he likes a mic on a cord), but also with songs from his new album "Angel Down." He treated us with some Skid Row classics like "18 and Life," and ended with "I Remember You." I have to say, he sounded like he did 20 years ago - and he has the voice of a gravely long-haired angel.

On to the main event - William Bruce Bailey aka Axl Rose graced us with his presence at 11:30pm with an explosion of fireworks (I actually thought it was my heart exploding). The Song Screecher not only looked amazing, but his voice, OH his voice was BACK. I have seen him in concert a few times and in 2007 he was not as good. Folks, the man is BACK in full force. No more dread locks, no more jerseys, Axl was sporting ripped up jeans, a white shirt, the red bandanna, and he just killed it. I felt like I had died and gone to heaven. Every time he did the serpentine, I was doing it too, and he can work a microphone stand like it's nobody's business. Twirling it around like a whimsical helicopter slightly off its axis. MAN!

Axl and his band had the synergy to blast the audience with one hell of a rock show - a perfect blend of Chinese Democracy and the classics. A grand piano studded with mirrors pushed its way out onto the main stage for November Rain to the sound of thundering applause and ended with Axl just absolutely whaling away at the keys. At one point, he had both hands and feet playing! I couldn't have been happier. This rock chick in front of me was texting the whole time - I was reading over her bare (slutty) shoulder. "Guitar solos and new stuff sux. He played Rocket Queen just for me!!!" I was immediately filled with rage and wanted to kick her ass. The guitar solos are amazing and it's my song. Whore.

Anyway, we left feeling completely enriched and drained all at once -the way you should feel after any blowyourfaceoff rock show. Axl, if you are reading this, I may be your biggest fan and your show moved me to the soul. I love your music and worship your songwriting. Thank you. Thank you.

I survived the concert! Friday afternoon we adventured out in Toronto - downtown, Chinatown, the Financial District, Greektown, Harbour, and underground! Toronto not only has an amazing public transportation system, but it also has a really amazing underground walkway that connects the entire downtown. I have little pics from this part of the trip because it was -10 degrees. Wicked cold. This is a picture of the "Times Square" of Toronto and our hotel was one block away.

We hit some highlights:

CN tower (actually, we didn't go up because DT doesn't care for heights and I have vertigo, so we kicked it in the arcade at the base of the CN tower):

Art Gallery of Ontario King Tut Exhibit (although we didn't actually go in, it was $30 each so we hit the gift shop, which was totally enough art for us and it was free - besides they had prints in there so it counts as "going to the museum").

Lunch at Fisherman's Warf (Here's one activity that we won't compromise on - we ate! It was delicious! After all, it is a world famous restaurant...)

Toured Steam Whistle Brewery - the Brewery was under construction so we didn't have to pay for the tour, they just wanted us to buy some swag - OK! If you've never been on a brewery tour, they are the best. Informational, yet fun, great party trivia, then they reward you with beer.FRIDAY EVENING

That evening, we ate at a Thai restaurant that served us the most perfect spicy cuisine in a very authentic atmosphere. It was so cold that night, that we couldn't possibly walk back all at one stretch so naturally, we broke it up by stopping in bars.

First stop was McVeigh's, oldest Irish Pub in Toronto. Next stop, Duggan's Microbrewery, after that, the Imperial Pub an English style pub that was directly across from our hotel.


Our train left Saturday so we said Salut to Toronto and arrived in Windsor around 5pm. Since there is a brand new Caesar's Casino in Winsor, we had dinner at the buffet (amazing!) and may or may not have hit the roulette table. Duty Free. Home.
Amazing trip! Thank you so much DT!!!


1) Jack as an undercover agent speaking German, smoking cigarettes, yelling, and then turning the deal right on its ass?! I almost exploded.

2) Renee is completely insane. She gets that look on her face and I'm not sure if she's gonna stab Vlad, herself, or what. I like her, but she's crazy.

3) Talk about the younger son getting the shaft! Tough love! What are the chances of Golden Boy disobeying now? My guess - ZERO.

4) Presidents Hassan's daughter may be a's not clear but it's looking that way. Scandalous.

5) Classic Chloe! I love how she called Arlo out about drooling all over Dana/Jenny (side note - he's right, but he's still a creep and Dana/Jenny is still a troll. Why is her hair always to one side?).

6) Does Dana/Jenny not know she's going to get caught? She's such a flaming moron.

7) I really enjoyed Jack letting FPJ know who was in charge of the tactical.
Jack: Here's what we're doing.
FPJ: I've done this before.
Jack: You're not even worthy to ride on my coattails, boy, so sit down and shut up. NOW NOW NOW! EVERYBODY DOWN!
That's what happened in my mind...and it was awesome.

Next week looks emotionally intense! Hang on!!

Awesome! Blog Award Alert!

THANK YOU for my nomination Kylee - Two Pretzels! I want to thank the Academy, my Family, my incredible boyfriend, and you...the readers. Without the readers, this blog would not be possible. GEEZ! I wasn't expecting to win an award tonight! Thank you, thank you! This thing is heavy...

Here are the rules.

The Rules:

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2. Copy the award & place it on my blog.
3. Link to the person who nominated me for this award.
4. Share 7 interesting things about myself.
5. Nominate 7 bloggers.

1) I tie my shoes with two loops.

2) I can whistle with two fingers at intense decibel levels.

3) My birthplace is an Air-Force base in Mt. Clemens, Michigan.

4) Ich kann Deutsch sprechen.

5) There is one section of my hair that is straight as a pin.

6) There are two foods I hate - vinegary things (most vinaigrette dressings) and sour things (sour patch kids).

7) I tried out for the St. Ursula basketball team 4 years in a row - and got cut all 4 years. I guess I was not meant to be the female Rudy.

1) Two Pretzels because you inspired me to create my own blog...and you continue to inspire me. Your blog is incredible and I tell everyone about it (even before I tell people about my own!). You are my Dooce.

2) Athena Bees - to help you with your NaBloMo (welcome back!).

3) Erika Jean because I LIVE for your photos!

4) Written Permission because I feel like we know each other.

5) The Red Daisy because I miss seeing you every day.

6) Write Here, Write Now because we love the same books.

7) Weighty Issues so you can spread the word about your new blog!!

Groundhog's Day

In honor of Groundhog's Day...BING!